Wonho Abs Workout Routine | What’s the Secret Behind Monsta’s X Wonho Perfect Abs

Wonho’s perfect abs have made his fans go crazy! 

Well, the buzz seems to be very accurate! The way Wonho is making a chic yet strongly muscular public appearance with an exquisite flaunting of his abs, he’s setting up the fire of intense workouts. 

He never really seems to miss a chance to flaunt his “packed” abs so much so that on his solo debut performance of his song “Open mind” he wore an outfit which seems to be specifically designed for abs show off.

Nevertheless, this great stature results from long hours of deep-cut exercises. The former MONSTA X member has managed this intense workout routine through steadfast hard work. 

However, there are no head and fast set of rules or secrets if you’re motivated enough for a body like Wonho’s. All you’ve to do is, remain stuck with moving your body through some real hardcore workouts. 

Well, you are not an idol! You can go up with how much your body is going well with. 

Wonho’s Workout plan For Perfect Abs 

Whether it’s Wonho’s aesthetically aligned Quads and Hams, or the jaw-dropping defined abs, he’s the king at it.

You might be up for a wonderful secret about Wonho. That is, he’s always ready to spend crushing time at the gym; nothing can beat his determination. Not even hectic shoot hours or a day with a little sleep.


Wonho’s Workout Regime

You can attain a physique like him, specifically the abs, by making a kick-start to your workout routine. That is, a perfect stretching exercise. Stretching make your muscles ready to undergo a powerful transformation. 

Then comes, Wonho’s favorite workout that is chair curl-ups. Wonho does it in three sets, with a sustained stretch of 20-30 seconds. However, your gym trainer will help you redesign it for your body type. 

One classic gain on his workout routine is Wonho’s treadmill run and cycling.

This Former MONSTA X member is known to practice the above mentioned two exercises for a good one and a half hours regularly.

Similarly, Wonho takes abs pull-ups to a whole next level

In a nutshell, Wonho’s perfect abs aren’t just a miracle relayed on hardcore workouts, and it’s also greatly influenced by his nutrition choice.

Wonho’s diet plan and Wonho’s perfect abs workout are the two non-secret secrets that make his physique more enchanting.

By the end of this high-key fitness talk, you might be feeling lazy to go to the gym to get it done. But, to achieve abs like Wonho, you don’t need to wander for good gyms, hi fi supplements or a quest for some secret diet tips or workout routines. Just lay over your favorite workout mat at a cozy spot and get started! 

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