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What Is Usain Bolt Diet Plan?

Usain Bolt is a legendary runner, Olympian, and gold medalist. He is popularly known as the fastest man in the world. He won three gold medals consecutively in the 2006 Olympics. Usain Bolt easily manages to win races, but he put a lot of effort into his diet and workout.

Read more to find out the Usain Bolt breakfast, lunch, and dinner diet plan.

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Four Meals a Day:

Usain takes four meals a day, three regular meals, and a snack in the evening. He consumes up to 5000 calories every day. His diet is regulated by his coach and he has a personal chef who cooks his food. However, he likes to eat simple food which can be accessible to all. [1]

Usain Bolt Breakfast Meal Plan

Usain takes very ordinary and minimal breakfast in the morning. His breakfast eating plan includes:

  • Eggs – Usain likes to eat boiled egg sandwiches daily in the morning. He prefers whole-grain bread for his sandwich.

Usain Bolt Lunch Meal Plan

Usain prefers a handful of dishes in his lunch. His lunch diet plan includes:

  • Seafood – Usain likes to eat a lot of grilled and boiled fish in lunch.
  • Pasta – Pasta with light seasoning is Usain’s favorite food to eat in lunch
  • Yam – You can find yam in Usain’s every meal
  • Corned Beef – Canned, salty, and processed corned beef is the main food of Usain’s lunch meal plan. [2]

Snack followed by Lunch

Usain enjoys a snack after two or three hours of his lunch. He prefers to eat:

  • Fresh fruits – Pineapples, mangoes, and apples are Usain’s favorite fruits. He eats them daily as a snack to maintain his body’s vitamin and mineral levels.

Usain Bolt Dinner Meal Plan

Usain Bolt’s dinner meal plan is rich in protein. His dinner includes:

  • Chicken –  Usain especially like grilled chicken to add up a little fat in his diet
  • Seafood – Usain enjoys eating seafood in his lunch and dinner
  • Dumplings –  Usain prefers to eat Jamaican-style boiled dumplings made with seafood and vegetables in the dinner.

That’s all from Usain Bolt’s diet plan. His diet plan is easy to follow and rich in protein [3] and will help you to build your muscle mass.

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