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What Is The Diet Plan Of Virat Kohli?

Virat Kohli is an Indian cricket team skipper, veteran batsman, and an excellent sportsperson. He has won many ICC awards and had been the holder of ICC Number One ODI batsman for more than 2 years. Virat had married Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma in 2017 and they both have a baby girl named Vamika. That’s well said, but what is the Virat Kohli diet plan?

Three Meals A Day

Virat keeps his diet simple by taking three meals a day. His eating plan is rich in protein and low in carbs and fats. However, he tries to maintain a vegan diet when he is not training as his doctor recommends him to do so.

Read more, to find out the Virat Kohli breakfast, lunch, and dinner diet plan. [1]

Virat Kohli Breakfast Meal Plan

Virat Kohli’s breakfast is as nutritious as possible. His morning eating plan includes:

  • Boiled eggs – Virat takes two or three eggs with spinach and cheese to fulfill his protein intake
  • Meat – Virat takes grilled chicken in particular
  • Fresh Fruits – He takes fruits to maintain a balanced diet
  • Green tea – Virat ends his breakfast with green tea [2], which is full of antioxidants to boost his immunity
  • Nuts – Virat likes to take nuts between his net sessions

Virat Kohli Lunch Meal Plan

Virat Kohli doesn’t like high-calorie food in his diet but his lunch eating plan includes:

  • Grilled Chicken – Virat favorite to go food to eat in lunch
  • Vegetables – Virat takes boiled spinach and mashed potatoes as side dishes
  • Red Meat – Even though Virat avoids beef and mutton. However, he takes a small portion of red meat while he’s trying to put some weight.

Virat Kohli Dinner Meal Plan

Virat dinner diet plan is very minimal and he prefers:

  • Seafood – Virat only takes boiled or grilled seafood for his dinner. [3]
  • Cheat Meal – Virat like butter chicken (a chicken gravy made up of butter and spices) and chole bhatoore (gravy of chickpeas served with puri – a flatbread).

Virat Kohli’s eating plan is rich in nutrients and easily doable. Follow his diet plan to maintain your physique and fitness.

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