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What Is The Diet Plan Rosé Blackpink (Roseanne Park)?

Roseanne Park also known as Rosé is a veteran South Korean singer and. Born in New Zealand, she became a singing sensation after she debuts as lead vocalist in the South Korean girl band named BlackPink, under YG entertainment in 2016. Apart from that, she is the third most followed South Korean Celebrity on Instagram. But what does Rosé eat?

Rosé Diet Plan

Rosé diet plan is very ordinary as she’s underweight, she likes to eat a normal diet. But she likes to eat healthy food. Fruits and vegetables are a must for her and she enjoys doing pilates and flying yoga with her fellow band members. [1]

Three Meals A Day

Roseanne Park takes three meals in a day. Her dieting plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She likes simple food and doesn’t like to add processed food to her meals.

Do you know that this South Korean singer also takes three meals a day?

Roseanne Park Breakfast Meal Plan

Rosé likes to eat minimal yet healthy food in her breakfast. Her breakfast eating plan constituents of:

  • Jam and Toast – Rosé prefers to eat white bread toast with jam in the morning. She mostly enjoys sugar-free fruit jam in the morning.
  • Mandarin – She’s a big fan of mandarin oranges. She eats one or two oranges at the end of her breakfast.

Roseanne Park Lunch Meal Plan

Rosé prefers to eat South Korean food in her lunch. Her lunch eating plan includes the following dishes:

  • Spring Rolls – Rosé enjoys air-fried spring rolls in her lunch. Carrots and bell pepper are among the main ingredients of her spring rolls. She sometimes likes to eat veggies with rice paper in place of spring rolls. [2]
  • Tofu – She enjoys tofu (bean curd, south Korean appetizer) with peanut sauce in the evening.

Roseanne Park Dinner Meal Plan

Rosé dinner includes lavish dinner as compared to breakfast and lunch. Her dinner diet plan contains:

  • Truffle Risotto – Rosé likes to eat truffle risotto at dinner, an Italian dish made with parmesan cheese, rice, and white wine besides vegetables is Rosé’s favorite food to eat.
  • Pork chops – She ends her dinner with a couple of grilled pork chops.

So, that’s all about Roseanne Park’s diet. Her diet is nutritious, precise, and easy to follow. [3]

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