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What Is The Diet Plan Of Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is a veteran American filmmaker and an award-winning actor. But he gained popularity after playing the role of secret agent Ethan Hunt in the movie series named Mission Impossible. Even though, Tom Cruise is 58 year old he is perfectly in shape due to fitness and eating regime. But what is the Tom Cruise diet plan?

How Many Calories Does Tom Cruise Consume?

Tom Cruise’s diet is low in calories and his eating plan is inspired by his friend David Beckham, former star soccer player. However, Tom Cruise’s total calorie intake per day is 1200 which constitutes 60% protein, 35% fats, and 10% carbohydrate to maintain a healthy diet. [1]

Three Meals Per Day:

Tom Cruise’s eating plan constitutes of three meals per day which include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, Tom Cruise strictly follows his diet and likes to eat baked and grilled foods mostly with loads of veggies and fruits.

Tom Cruise Breakfast Meal Plan:

Tom Cruise likes to eat a simple and nutritious breakfast. His breakfast plan includes:

  • Eggs – Tom Cruise prefers to eat 2 or 3 egg whites in the morning.
  • Cereal – He usually takes a bowl of wholegrain oatmeal for breakfas. [2]
  • Fruits – He ends his breakfast with fresh fruits to maintain vitamins in his body.

Tom Cruise Lunch Meal Plan:

Tom Cruise prefers a healthy lunch over fast food and rich dishes. His lunch meal plan constitutes:

  • Meat – Tom Cruise likes to eat meat to maintain his high protein diet. For lunch, he takes the grilled chicken breast.
  • Rice – He complements his grilled chicken with a bowl of boiled rice.
  • Veggies – Tom Cruise ends his lunch mostly with sautéed vegetables.

Tom Cruise Dinner Meal Plan:

Tom cruise dinner is very low on calories and includes:

  • Seafood – Tom Cruise takes grilled or baked salmon as the main course in dinner. [3]
  • Salad – He complements his main course with green vegetable salad which mostly includes cabbage, lettuce, and cucumber salad.

The Bottom Line:

That’s all Tom Cruise’s diet plan. His diet is very simple and can be easily followed by anyone.

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