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What Is The Diet Plan Of Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry is a 33-year-old professional American basketball player who plays under the NBA association for Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry plays in a point guard position and that’s why many critics termed him as the best shooter in this game. Stephen Curry believes in an intense training regime but what is his diet plan?

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Three Meals A Day

Stephen Curry takes three meals in a day. His diet plan constituents of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Curry takes care of the number of calories his diet has and eats accordingly with his training regime.

Who cooks Stephen Curry food?

Stephen Curry mostly eats food cook by his wife, Ayesha Curry who is the author of multiple best-selling cookbooks and a television personality [1]. She cooks meals as per Stephen Curry’s diet requirement.

Stephen Curry Breakfast Meal Plan

Curry likes to have a simple yet nutritional breakfast. His breakfast diet includes:

  • Fresh Fruits – Curry takes fresh fruits besides milk in the morning.
  • Cereal – He also enjoys boiled eggs with cereals for the breakfast.
  • Tea – He ends his breakfast mostly with a cup of green tea or fruit juice.

Stephen Curry Lunch Meal Plan

Curry enjoys a rich lunch in the evening and his meat plan constituents of:

  • Lentils – Stephen Curry prefers to eat lentils gravy cooked with seasonal vegetables and paneer (cottage cheese) in his lunch. [2]
  • Rice – He complements his main dish with a bowl of rice or two chapattis (wheat flatbread).
  • Salad – He ends his lunch with a small portion of salad and yogurt.

Stephen Curry Dinner Meal Plan

Stephen Curry believes in eating a dinner based on a balanced diet. He enjoys having dinner with his family at 7 p.m. [3]. His dinner eating plan includes:

  • Veggies – Curry prefers sautéed veggies with rice, chapattis, and salad at dinner.
  • Pasta – He also enjoys eating pasta with chicken and sauce at dinner made by his wife.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all about Stephen Curry’s diet plan. His diet is simple, delicious, and easy to follow by anyone but it requires a training regime to consume the calorie intake.

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