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What Is The Diet Plan Of Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez is a 28-year-old American actress, singer, and producer. She started her career by playing a role in Barney & Friends, a children’s television show after that she never looks back. Selena Gomez was not only raised as an actress but as a singer too. Her songs such as We don’t talk anymore and Heart wants what it wants feature within the top ten Billboard charts worldwide.

 Apart from that, Selena maintains a healthy physique, but what is the diet plan of Selena Gomez?


Selena Prefers Healthy Food

Selena Gomez not only suffered from lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disorder but she has also undergone a kidney transplant. Due to various illnesses, she likes to keep her diet simple and healthy. [1]


Three Meals A Day

Selena Gomes like three meals a day which are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Her food contains fresh ingredients and she likes to cooks her meals.

Selena Gomez Breakfast Meal Plan

Selena likes to healthy breakfast and her morning eating plan includes:

  • Ginger shots – Selena starts her day with her shot of ginger juice to boost her metabolism throughout the day.
  • Scrambled eggs – Selena likes to eat scrambled with rice, avocado, and beans for her breakfast.
  • Granola – She sometimes goes to have a cup of granola mixed with Greek full-fat yogurt. [2]

Selena Gomez Lunch Meal Plan

Selena Gomez lunch is full of fresh ingredients and she prefers to eat:

  • Green Salad – Selena likes to green vegetables, chunks of turkey, avocado, and beans in her salad. For the dressing, she makes her recipe which includes olive oil, Dijon mustard, and red wine vinegar along with lemon juice.
  • Chicken Salad – When Selena is on tour, she likes chicken salad along with celery and grapes.


Selena Gomez Dinner Meal Plan

Selena Gomez dinner constituents of Asian cuisine and she likes to eat:

  • Teriyaki bowl – Selena enjoys a teriyaki bowl, full of seasoned chicken or salmon, avocado, and cucumber at his dinner.
  • Rice – She complements her teriyaki with a rice bowl.
  • Sushi – She often eats sushi at dinner. [3]

That’s all about Selena Gomez’s diet. Her diet is healthy and easy to follow.


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