What is the Diet Plan of Neymar Jr.?

Neymar Jr. is the Brazilian national team soccer player who plays in a midfielder position. But he came to light after his goal-scoring tactics help Brazil to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup of 2014. His skills get him into various football leagues and he is currently playing for a French franchise named Paris Saint-German.

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Neymar pays special attention to his diet and workout plan but what is his diet?

Neymar with his children posing for photo having different dishes on table in front of them
Photo: @neymarjr / instagram

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Four Meals A Day:

Neymar takes four meals a day which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner followed by a night snack. However, Neymar’s consume a high-calorie diet which constitutes 60% carbs, 30% protein, and 10% of fats along with minerals and vitamins. [1]

Neymar Breakfast Meal Plan:

Neymar’s breakfast meal plan is simple yet nutritious. His breakfast includes:

  • Eggs – Neymar likes to take 3 fried eggs with a boiled portion of spinach.
  • Turkey – Neymar complements his breakfast with thin slices of grilled turkey.

Neymar Lunch Meal Plan:

Neymar lunch is full of healthy food as he prefers to eat:

  • Meatballs – Neymar likes to eat sautéed turkey meatballs in his lunch. [2]
  • Green sauce – He complements the meatballs with a green sauce made up of asparagus.
  • Sweet potato – Neymar ends his lunch with a half portion of sweet potato.

Neymar Dinner Meal Plan:

Neymar dinner is very minimal yet full-on nutrients. His dinner eating plan includes:

  • Seafood – Neymar likes to eat grilled white fish for his dinner. He takes fish as the main course.
  • Salad – He usually complements his main course with cabbage salad. He likes to eat boiled and chopped cabbage with little dressing. [3]
  • Protein shake – Neymar ends his dinner with a protein shake.

Neymar Night Snack:

Neymar enjoys snacks after two or three hours of his dinner. His night snack includes:

  • Smoothies – Neymar prefers smoothies made up of fresh fruit juices in a snack.

The Bottom Line:

That’s all about Neymar’s diet plan. His diet is very simple, healthy, and doable. However, you need a proper workout to balance Neymar’s high-calorie food intake.

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