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What Is The Diet Plan Of Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps is the legendary swimmer who came to light after he won the Beijing Olympics 2008 by securing eight gold medals out of the eight races. He used to take meals of 12,000 calories in total,   back in those days [1]. Well, that’s being said, but what is Michael Phelps’s diet plan?

Three Meals A Day

Even though Michael Phelps needs to take part in strenuous activities yet he takes only three meals a day. His every meal counts 4000 calories which is five times more than the daily calorie intake of an average man.

Read more to find out the Michael Phelps breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal plan in full detail.

Michael Phelps Breakfast Meal Plan:

Michael Phelps likes his breakfast full of rich nutrients. His breakfast eating plan includes:

  • Three egg sandwiches – Phelps enjoys his sandwiches with fried egg and onions, along with the tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, and cheese
  • Omelet – made with five eggs
  • Chocolate chips pancakes – Phelps usually takes 3 pieces of them [2]
  • Porridge – One whole bowl
  • Sugar-coated French toast – Phelps likes 3 slices of them in breakfast

Michael Phelps Lunch Meal Plan:

Michael Phelps’s lunch is as much heavy as his breakfast. His lunch diet plan includes:

  • Seasoned and boiled pasta – Phelps every 1 kg of pasta every day
  • Ham and cheese sandwiches – Phelps takes two large-sized sandwiches with bread and mayonnaise
  • Energy drinks – Phelps ends his lunch with energy drinks worth 1000 calories

Michael Phelps Dinner Meal Plan:

Michael Phelps’s dinner meal plan follows the regime of his lunch diet plan. His dinner plan includes:

  • Seasoned and boiled pasta – Phelps takes ½ kg of pasta in dinner
  • Pizza – Phelps likes pizza a lot, he takes an entire large pizza in his night diet plan
  • ⮚    Energy drinks – Phelps likes his meals with energy drinks rather than carbonated and alcoholic fluids. [3]

The Bottom Line:

Michael Phelps had followed this diet plan when he was a part of Olympics 2008. However, Phelps likes to consume grilled meat and vegetables when he is not training. So, this eating plan would not be suitable for you as it contains high intake of calories than is recommended.

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