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The Diet Plan Of Lisa Blackpink

Lisa born Lalisa Manoban, is a 24-year-old Thai rapper, dancer, and singer. Lisa Manoban became an extremely popular television personality after she made her debut in the South Korean girl band known as BlackPink in 2016; so much so that currently she is being followed by around 71 million followers only her instagram (lalalalisa_m). Lisa Manoban is also among the most followed BlackPink member on Instagram. She has an attractive physique which makes us all wonder about her daily diet menu.

Lalisa Does Workouts Daily

Lalisa prefers workouts over diet and she does it daily [1]. Her workout consists of intense training which includes pilates and flying yoga. Apart from that, Miss Manoban does dancing regularly to reduce the “after shocks” of her calories intake.

Three Meals A Day

Lisa takes three meals in a day and her diet plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She does not follow any specific dieting regime and enjoys eating food of all kinds. But she consumes food in smaller portions and prefers to drink detox juices between meals.

Lalisa Breakfast Meal Plan

Lisa likes to have conventional breakfast and her eating plan consist of:

  • Eggs – Lisa likes to takes boiled eggs or omelet in the morning.
  • Salad – She enjoys all-vegetable salad in the breakfast too.
  • Detox Juice – She ends her breakfast with detox juices. Her detox juices usually contain vegetable juice, full of vitamin C, E, and B9. [2]

Lisa Manoban’s Lunch Meal Plan

Lisa’s lunch food is a mix of healthy and junk food but she balances out her diet well. Her lunch eating plan is:

  • Soup – Lisa likes to have a South Korean styled soup in the lunch. Her soup mostly has noodles, vegetables, stew, spices in it. She sometimes adds tofu to her soup.
  • Ramen – South Korean spicy noodles are Lisa’s favorite food in the evening.
  • Avocado – She mostly ends her lunch with a bowl of fresh avocado.


Lisa Dinner Meal Plan

Lisa takes dinner with her band members and her eating plan includes:

BTS's Jungkook and blackpink's lisa eating pizza together pizza together
  • Pizza – Lisa loves to eat Pizza at dinner. She mostly orders pizza from outside.
  • Fruits – Lisa mostly ends her dinner with avocados or vegetable juices.

That’s all Lisa eats, her diet plan is very simple and easily doable. But you need to do workouts daily. [3]

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