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What Is The Diet Plan Of LeBron James?

LeBron Raymone James Sr. also known as Lebron James is a 36 years old professional American basketball player. LeBron plays under NBA for Los Angeles Lakers in small forward and shooting guard positions. Due to his excellence, LeBron James is often compared to basketball legends such as Michael Jordan. He performs intense workouts but what is his diet plan?

Say No to Fast Food and Sweets

LeBron James restraints from eating fried chicken, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, and pizza [1]. He also says no to sugary food such as ice creams and sundaes. He follows a strict diet with low sugar and carbohydrates.

Read more to find out the LeBron James detailed diet plan.

LeBron James Breakfast Meal Plan

Breakfast is the most important meal of LeBron James’s day. He prefers to eat:

  • Omelets – LeBron enjoys two to three egg white omelets in the morning. He complements omelets with yogurt and fresh berries.
  • Pancakes – He also eats gluten-free pancakes for the breakfast.
  • Bagel – Sometimes LeBron takes a wholegrain bagel with a spoon of peanut butter. [2]

Mid-Morning Breakfast

LeBron James breakfast follows by a snack and he likes to have:

  • Fruits – LeBron James takes apples with yogurt and almond butter as a snack.
  • Protein Powder – He takes processed protein powder regularly.

LeBron James Lunch Meal Plan

LeBron James takes lunch before the start of his games which constituents of:

  • Pasta – LeBron enjoys a big portion of whole-wheat pasta in lunch.
  • Chicken – He also takes grilled chicken breast with sautéed vegetables.

Mid-Evening Snack

After the game ends, LeBron takes a snack and it mostly includes:

  • Chicken – LeBron usually takes a grilled chicken breast with broccoli and salad as a snack.
  • Shake – For LeBron, a protein shake is a must after the game.

LeBron James Dinner Meal Plan

LeBron prefers to have a simple and healthy dinner which consists of:

  • Meat – LeBron enjoys chicken parmesan or lobster tail in his dinner. [3]
  • Cereal – He sometimes eats a bowl of fruit-flavored cereal at night.
  • Wine – He ends his dinner with a glass of wine.

Now it’s your turn to follow LeBron James’s diet plan.

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