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Diet Plan of Blackpink’s Jisoo

Jisoo born Kim Ji-soo is a veteran South Korean actress and singer. But she became popular after her debut as a lead vocalist in the girl band named BlackPink under YG entertainment in 2016.

Due to Jisoo’s attractive physique, various fashion magazines feature her, such as Vogue. But how does she maintain her physique & the weight she has lost?

Secrets Behind Jisoo Physique

To maintain her physique and weight, Jisoo takes her diet and workout plan very seriously.

Apart from that, she’s a big fan of flying yoga and she does dance practice regularly [1]. So lets explore the diet menu and weight loss secrets of Jisoo, Shall we?

blackpink's jisoo doing flying yoga

Do you know that this female vocalist also does intense workouts daily?

Four Meals A Day

Jisoo likes to eats four meals a day.

Her diet plan includes three regular meals in the morning, lunch and dinner, and a mid-evening snack.

Jisoo Breakfast Meal Plan

Ji soo has built a habit of eating a minimal breakfast which is low in nutrients but high in dietary fibers.

She usually eats a small portion of food as her body easily gains weight. (She currently weighs around 45kg).

Her breakfast meal plan includes:

  • Apples – Jisoo prefers to eat two or three apples in her breakfast.
  • Apart from that, she doesn’t eat anything else. (Seems like she is trying her best to keep the doctors away from her or even BP entirely).

Jisoo Lunch Meal Plan

Jisoo takes a small portion of lunch before evening. Her lunch meal plan includes:

  • Papaya salad – Jisoo enjoys papaya salad in her lunch. She likes to add lettuce, papaya, and tomatoes to it. To make it spicy, she uses seasoned chicken chunks in it along with vinegar, sweet chili sauce, and black pepper.

Mid-Evening Snack

Jisoo prefers a mid-evening snack before dinner that includes:

Fresh fruits – Jisoo likes to eat fresh berries and apples as snacks. [2]

Jisoo Dinner Meal Plan

Jisoo’s dinner is very simple and contains no exotic dishes. Her dinner is:

  • Egg fried rice – Jisoo likes to eat egg fried rice at dinner. She adds one egg to a bowl of rice and fries them on low flame. To spice up things she uses vinegar and chili sauce. She also adds different veggies and chunk of boiled chicken in it to make it more balanced and nutritious (we wonder this adding of boiled chicken thingy is her habit or some special secret of hers).

Jisoo’s diet is very minimal and lacks the necessary nutrients [3]. You can easily lose weight by following her diet plan but it could make you starve.

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