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Diet Plan Of Blackpink’s Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim is a renowned South Korean singer and rapper. She has been part of the worldwide famous Kpop girl groupband named Blackpink alongside Rośe, Lisa, and Jisso since 2016.

By having a glance at Jennie’s body, almost any one girl would wonder about the tips and tricks to get such a body for herself as well. Meanwhile they would definitely wanna know about her diet menu and workout routine as well, since food and exercise always play a vital role in acquiring such a physique and body. Well, let’s explore what Jennie’s diet menu and diet plan looks like.

To get in an in depth understanding of how and what do various K pop artists and stars eat in daily routine, check this out.

Jennie Kim’s Diet Plan

Jennie Kim’s meal plan is quite different than other celebrities.

Instead of consuming frequent meals a day, Jennie only takes three meals a day. Kim, however is a strict follower of her own diet plan which contains no salt (seems like she has done her research on the benefits of Low Sodium Diets).

And this indeed is one of the secrets behind Kim’s weight loss as well.

Cutting salt entirely from one’s diet is definitely a hard task, if not impossible to accomplish, but hey, in this modern era if you could easily get your hands on “plant based meat“, there are definitely solutions available to enjoy all that “salty” flavor in your foods with out adding a speck of salt in it. Wondering, how’s that even possible, please check it out here.

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Jennie Kim’s Workout List

This glorious member of Blackpink mainly indulges herself in pilates and yoga regularly and not some ordinary yoga, but a special one called Flying Yoga, no wonder she has a waist size of 24 inch only; the size a lot of girls fantasize to achieve. [1]

Jennie Kim Brunch Meal Plan

Do you know that Jennie Kim doesn’t take a proper breakfast while she is on diet. Jennie actually prefers a brunch and what is a brunch you may ask?

Well, Brunch is a combination of Breakfast and lunch and is mainly consumed at a time later than a normal breakfast time and earlier than a normal lunch time, typically within a time window of 10am-11:30am.

Kim is also accustomed of consuming porridge sometime before having brunch. (And here are some of the healthy porridge recommendations from our side).

 Jennie Kim brunch menu mainly includes:

Jennie avoids consuming salt at all cost, and that very diet secret of hers was revealed by her while giving an interview to “Cosmopolitan Korea”, Kim further added,

“Even when other Blackpink members are eating something delicious, I just eat porridge since I’m on a no-salt diet.”

jennie kim

Snack Followed by Brunch

Mostly, Jennie Kim takes Detox green juice which evidently is full of antioxidants and a green vegetable juices as a snack after her first combo meal of the day.

Jennie Kim Dinner Meal Plan

Kim’s dinner consists of only one dish just like her brunch plan. Instead of opting for an intake of high calorie diet, she prefers healthy and low-calorie food. (Seems like the secrets of Jennie’s awesome body all lies here in her diet)

Her dinner includes:

  • Boiled Salmon – Jennie Kim likes two pieces of boiled salmon in the main course along with mushroom and black pepper. She prefers baked sweet potatoes and broccoli as an appetizer. She uses sesame oil for the dressing for the appetizer.
  • Jennie Kim sometimes complements her main course with a bowl of rice if she feels hungry.

Do you know Jennie’s former love interest also enjoys eating salmon?

The Bottom Line

From the above details we can easily decode the diet secret behind the weight loss & body transformation of this skinny member of girl group brand Blackpink. And the diet secrets are,

  1. Avoidance of salt at all cost.
  2. Consuming less calories by ensuring tight food portion control.
  3. The daily routine of giving body a workout with flavors of yoga and Pilates.

 Jennie’s diet plan kinda looks like a minimalist’s diet plan and for sure it is somewhat difficult for an ordinary person to follow, but still, it is doable [3] as Jennie Kim herself has persistently proved so. And you will definitely gonna lose tons of body fat just after implementing and integrating Jennie Kim’s diet plan and workout in or as your own diet and workout routine.

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