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What Is The Diet Plan Of Gigi Hadid?

Gigi Hadid is a veteran American television personality and fashion diva. She came to light when she makes her debut as a model in Models.com and ranked in the Top 50 participants. Gigi has been a part of various fashion shows around the world that requires her to be in perfect shape all the time. But what is the Gigi Hadid diet plan?

Five Meals A Day

Gigi Hadid takes five meals a day which constituents of three regular meals and two portions of snacks. However, Gigi’s diet plan follows a high protein and low carb regime and she does intense workouts to maintain her attractive physique. [1]

Gigi Hadid Breakfast Meal Plan

Gigi Hadid takes a simple breakfast and her meal plan includes:

  • Eggs – Gigi prefers to eat two boiled eggs in the morning.
  • Coffee – She complements her breakfast with a cup of black coffee.
  • Vitamins – She mostly takes multivitamins supplements at the end of her meal.

Mid-Morning Snack

Gigi enjoys a snack after having breakfast and her mid-morning snack contains:

  • Pancakes – Pancakes are Gigi favorite food to eat in snack especially power pancakes by Kodiak cakes is Gigi to go food.

Gigi Hadid Lunch Meal Plan

Gigi Hadid lunch plan contain healthy food and she prefers to eat:

  • Arugula Salad – Gigi makes arugula salad with loads of parmesan and rocket cheese along with fresh veggies. To balance protein in her salad, she adds a small portion of salami to it. [2]
  • Shake – She ends her lunch with a glass of protein shake.

Mid-Evening Snack

Gigi Hadid likes to take a snack in the evening after lunch which includes:

  • Fresh Fruit – Gigi likes to eat fresh strawberries and other fruits as snacks.
  • Ice Cream – She sometimes takes a scoop or two of ice cream in the evening.

Gigi Hadid Dinner Meal Plan

Gigi takes a very minimal dinner and her eating plan constituents of:

  • Bagel – Gigi only takes a couple of wheat bagels at dinner.

That’s all about Gigi Hadid’s diet plan [3]. Her diet is very simple, economical, and can be followed very easily by anyone.

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