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What Is The Diet Plan Of Gal Gadot?

Gal Gadot is a veteran thirty-five-year-old is Hollywood actress, mother of two children, and entrepreneur. She played the main lead in the sci-fi action movie called Wonder Woman which gives her immense popularity. To maintain her physique as a superwoman, she takes exercise and diet very seriously. But what is the diet plan of Gal Gadot?

Five Meals A Day

Gal Gadot takes five meals a day in her diet plan which constitutes breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, midevening snack, and dinner. Gal Gadot’s eating plan focuses on a balanced diet and Magnus Lygdback, a celebrity fitness trainer plans her training regime. [1]

Gal Gadot Breakfast Meal Plan

Usually, after training, Gal Gadot takes her breakfast. She prefers to eat:

  • Eggs – Gal Gadot enjoys two or three poached eggs in the morning.
  • Quinoa – She likes to eat quinoa for the breakfast. She complements quinoa with avocado and tomato.
  • Water – She likes to take a liter or two of water in her breakfast.

Mid-Morning Snack

Gal Gadot takes a snack after two or three hours of breakfast which includes:

  • Salad – Gal Gadot enjoys salad as a snack. Her salad constitutes seeds, tomatoes, and cured meat.

Gal Gadot Lunch Meal Plan

Gal Gadot lunch is rich in proteins and she prefers to eat:

  • Seafood – Gal Gadot likes to eat seared tuna in his lunch. [2]
  • Vegetables – She complements seared tuna with vegetables such as baby broccoli, grilled bok choy, and soused pepper and radish.

Mid-Evening Snack

Gal Gadot mid-evening snack is full-on energy and she prefers to take:

  • Guacamole Salad – Gal enjoys a guacamole salad as a snack. Her salad includes seeds, grilled mackerels, and a half cup of guacamole as a dressing.

Gal Godat Dinner Meal Plan

Gal’s dinner meal plan is very nutritious and contains quality protein. Her dinner constituents of:

  • Plant food – Gal enjoys plant food in dinners such as kimchi, a South Korean vegetarian dish, and wild rice.
  • Steak – She prefers to eat a portion of steak especially grilled ribeye. [3]

That’s all about Gal Gadot’s diet plan. Her diet is exclusive and she has a personalized chef to cook her exotic food.

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