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What Is The Diet Plan Of Deepika Padukone?

Deepika Padukone is a 35-year-old, veteran Bollywood actress. Over the past few years, she becomes one of the best actresses in the Indian film industry. Deepika’s beauty has received appraisal from critics and fans all around the world. But to maintain her body in shape, she does work out and diet regularly. So, what is the diet plan of Deepika Padukone?

Five Meals A Day

Deepika Padukone takes five meals in a day. Her diet plan constituents of early morning snacks, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. Deepika Padukone’s diet contains healthy food and she avoids sweets and fried items.

Early Morning Snack

Deepika once after waking up, start her day with:

  • Warm Water – Deepika takes a glass of warm water in the early morning. She mostly adds honey and lime juice or soaked fenugreek seeds in it. [1]

Deepika Padukone Breakfast Meal

Deepika breakfast is simple and based on South Indian cuisine. Her breakfast eating plan is:

  • Eggs – Deepika enjoys two egg whites with a glass of skimmed milk in the breakfast.
  • South Indian food – Deepika sometimes takes South Indian food such as Idli (rice flour pancakes) and dosa (white flour pancakes).

Deepika Padukone Lunch Meal

Deepika Padukone takes lunch which is tasteful yet healthy at the same time [2]. Her lunch includes:

  • Seafood – Deepika takes grilled fish with two chapattis (wheat flatbread) in the lunch.
  • Veggies – She complements her grilled fish with fresh vegetables.

Mid-Evening Snack

After lunch, Deepika takes snack in the evening which constituents of:

  • Dry fruits – Deepika prefers to eat a bunch of peanuts and almonds as snacks.
  • Coffee – She sometimes drinks filter coffee in the evening.

Deepika Padukone Dinner Meal Plan

Deepika’s dinner plan is very simple yet different. Her dinner eating plan includes:

  • Veggies – Deepika likes to take sautéed vegetables with a couple of chapattis and a bowl of green salad in her dinner [3].
  • Dark Chocolate – Deepika sometimes likes to take a bar of dark chocolate at the end of dinner.

That’s all about the Deepika Padukone diet plan. Her diet is healthy, simple and, easy to follow.

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