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What Is The Diet Plan Of Amanda Nunes?

Amanda Nunes is a 33-year-old professional mixed martial artist from Brazil. She is currently living in the United States of America & she’s the winner of the women’s featherweight and bantamweight UFC league championship. [1]

In order to remain fit for the fight cage, she does workouts daily to uplift her stamina and strength.

As Amanda once said,

“I’m the champ for a reason.”

And we believe her diet definitely is one of the reasons, so let’s dig out what sort of diet secrets has turned her into an ultimate champion?

Five Meals A Day

Amanda Nunes’s diet consists of five meals a day which includes breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch, mid-evening snacks, and dinner.

Amanda prefers a balanced diet over junk food and she likes to keep herself hydrated all the time.

Amanda Nunes Breakfast Meal Plan

Amanda enjoys a healthy breakfast in the morning which includes:

  • Egg – Amanda takes two to three egg whites in the morning.
  • Oatmeal – She also likes to have a bowl of wholegrain oatmeal with fresh fruits for breakfast. [2]
  • Juices – She ends her breakfast with a glass of juice or a cup of coffee.

Mid-Morning Snack

Amanda diet routine follows a snack meal after few hours of breakfast which constituents of:

  • Fruits – She takes fresh fruits and dry fruits as snacks.

Amanda Nunes Lunch Meal Plan

Amanda takes nutritious food for her lunch and her eating plan consist of:

  • Meat – Amanda likes to have a grilled fish or chicken with sautéed veggies in her lunch.
  • Rice – She complements her grilled meat with a bowl of rice.
  • Salad – She ends her lunch with a bowl of fresh salad.

Mid-Evening Snack

After lunch, Amanda usually takes a snack. She likes to eat:

  • Fruits – Amanda enjoys fresh fruits as a snack.
  • Dry fruits – Almond is her go-to snack to have in the evening.

Amanda Nunes Dinner Meal Plan

Amanda doesn’t take a lavish dinner rather she enjoy a simple dinner which includes:

  • Meat – She takes grilled fish or chicken meat with sautéed veggies at dinner too.
  • Salad – She complements her meat with a bowl of salad.
  • Egg whites – She consumes a couple of egg whites at the end of dinner (seems like she is getting a lot of proteins from egg whites).

Kudos! You have covered the whole diet plan of Amanda Nunes, try it and get your body in shape.

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