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What Is the Diet Plan Of Akshay Kumar?

Akshay Kumar is a veteran, 53-year-old veteran Bollywood actor who is best known for his athletic stunts and action roles in Indian movies. Akshay seriously follows his fitness regime and makes time for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But what does Akshay Kumar’s diet plan looks like?

Read more to get a deeper insight into Akshay Kumar’s meal plan.

Four Meals A Day

Akshay Kumar likes to eat three regular meals followed by a late-night snack. According to Akshay Kumar’s food supplier Mohit Savargaonkar, Akshay doesn’t like any spices in his food. He even avoids garlic and onion in his diet. Akshay’s diet only contains vegan ingredients and he adds herbs to enhance the flavor of his food. [1]

Akshay Kumar Breakfast Meal Plan

Akshay likes to have a workout session before taking breakfast. However, his breakfast meal plan includes:

  • Pudding – Akshay likes to have a pudding with chia seeds and berries in the early morning.
  • Toast – He also enjoys brown bread toast with avocado topping in his breakfast.

Akshay Kumar Lunch Meal Plan

Akshay likes to eat simple Indian food in his lunch. His lunch plan constituents of:

  • Lentils – Akshay enjoys boiled lentils along with sautéed veggies and yogurt in his lunch. [2]
  • Brown Rice – Akshay complements lentils and veggies with a bowl of brown rice.

Akshay Kumar Dinner Meal Plan

Akshay mostly have his dinner before 7 pm and he maintains a strict vegan diet in his dinner and likes to eat:

  • Pumpkin Curry – Akshay enjoys Thai-styled Pumpkin curry with tofu as the main course in his dinner. [3]
  • Rice and veggies – He complements his main course with brown rice and sautéed vegetable.

Late Night Snack

Akshay sometimes takes a late-night snack after dinner. He usually prefers to take:

  • Cookies – Akshay enjoys blueberry and almond cookies as a snack. As he’s not a big fan of desserts, his cookies contain less sugar and are made with zero fat content.

That’s all about Akshay’s diet plan. His diet plan is simple, nutritious, and easily doable by anyone.

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