Cheapest Meal kit Delivery Service
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What is the Cheapest Meal Delivery Kit Service

The most affordable meal kits are offered by the following companies

1- EveryPlate.

2- Dinnerly.

3- Hello Fresh.

4- Home Chef.

Here’s a brief intro about each of the above mentioned services to help you choose the one which suits your budget & dietary preferences.

Every Plate:

– As far as prices are concerned most of the plans offered by Everyplate are under $ 6 per serving. 

– Every plate offers more than 20 recipes to choose from each week, hence offering a chance to enjoy a variety of cuisines.

– Dishes offered by EveryPlate are mainly liked by Vegetarians & people who opted to go to Gluten-free.


– Dinnerly offers plans which cost under $ 7 per serving.

– They amaze their customer base with more than 50 different recipes each week.

– Dinnerly offers the best meal kit for people who are vegetarian or following Keto or Paleo or are Pescetarian.

– Dinnerly also offers meal kits for diabetics as well.


– Meal kits by HelloFresh are of less than $10 per serving.

– Whether you are a Keto lover, eat low calorie foods, avoiding gluten at all cost or a pescetarian, HelloFresh has an answer for all of your dietary needs and special requirements.

– HelloFresh also has a huge range of more than 50 recipes to choose from.


– The cost of the meal kits by HomeChef averages around $9 per serving.

– Individuals and families following Keto, gluten-free, low calorie or pescetarian can all order from HomeChef.

– And if you wanna enjoy meal kits by HomeChef with your family & friends together, a meal box order of $40 or above will be delivered free to you by HelloFresh. And that would definitely make your meals affordable as well as enjoyable.

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