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What Is The Anushka Sharma Diet Plan?

Anushka Sharma is a veteran Bollywood actor, producer, and entrepreneur. She raised to popularity soon after her dazzling debut in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi as Tania opposite Shahrukh Khan and after that, she never looked back. She recently had a baby girl with Virat Kohli named Vamika. That’s well said, but what is the Anushka Sharma Diet Plan?

Read more to find out Anushka Sharma’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner plan.

Five Meals A Day

Anushka Sharma’s eating plan includes five meals a day. Apart from a balanced diet, she does dancing, meditation, and yoga on daily basis to herself mentally and physically healthy. [1]

“It is very important what you eat as that is what you are. So it’s very important to make sure you’re eating enough vegetables and drinking enough water which I’ve always done”

Anushka Sharma Breakfast Meal Plan

The breakfast diet plan of Anushka Sharma is very light and simple as compared to divas. Her breakfast eating plan doesn’t include any dish from sub-continent cuisine nor she prefers whole-grain cereals [2]. But she enjoys:

  • Two egg whites – Anushka Sharma takes them raw which is the first thing she eats after waking up.
  • Followed by a glass of fresh fruit juice to keep herself full of minerals and vitamins.

Breakfast Followed By a Morning Snack

Anushka Sharma’s eating plan follows a morning snack after 2 to 3 hours of breakfast. Her morning snacks include:

  • Cheese toast – baked appetizers that she likes
  • Along with Coconut water – to maintain hydration throughout the day

Anushka Sharma Lunch Meal Plan

The diet plan of Anushka Sharma’s lunch shows how much she prefers simple and homemade food over fine dining. Her lunch eating plan includes:

  • Two homemade chapattis – A subcontinent dish made with whole wheat grain, and resembles flat bread.
  • With the combination of dal and sauté vegetables – to maintain a balance between carbs and protein
  • Along with the salad

Lunch Followed By An Evening Snack

Anushka Sharma’s lunch is mostly followed by evening snacks that include:

  • Fresh fruits or protein bars

Anushka Sharma Dinner Meal Plan

The eating plan of Anushka Sharma is very rich in subcontinent dishes. She likes to take:

  • Rotis – a floor made dish often complements the main course
  • Along with butter chicken and vegetables – that Anushka’s favorite main course
  • She takes a glass of milk before going to bed

Did you know what food item Anushka and her Husband Virat Kohli enjoys together?

The Anushka Sharma diet plan is very simple and can easily be followed by anyone [3]. Use her diet plan to find your lost shape.

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