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What is Jungkook BTS Diet Plan?

Jungkook is a South Korean singer, actor, dancer, model, songwriter, and music producer. But he came to light after his debut as a lead vocalist in the worldwide popular K-pop boyband group named BTS. In fact, he is one of the well-known members of a K-pop group. That’s well said, but what is the diet plan of Jungkook?

Four Meals A Day

Jungkook takes four meals a day including three regular meals followed by a snack. He likes to eat balanced and refrain from junk food. Jungkook maintains his chiseled physique through dancing, boxing, and bodyweight exercises along with his diet.

Jungkook Breakfast Meal Plan

Jungkook’s breakfast is very simple and rich in nutrients. His breakfast eating plan includes:

  • Omelet – Jungkook likes to egg white omelet in the breakfast. He skips egg yolks due to their high fat and cholesterol content [1]
  • Toast – Jungkook likes his omelet with whole-grain toast
  • Juice – Jungkook ends his breakfast with fresh juice to maintain an adequate amount of minerals and hydration

Do you know that this lead vocalist of South Korean boyband also takes an omelet at breakfast?

Jungkook Lunch Meal Plan

Jungkook’s lunch diet plan is very minimal. His lunch includes:

  • Salad – Jungkook prefers to eat salmon salad for lunch. His salad includes boil or grilled salmon, with veggies such as lettuce, tomato, and onions. For the dressing, he uses olive oil with a pinch of black pepper. [2]

Snack followed by lunch

Jungkook prefers a snack after two or three hours of his lunch. His snack mostly includes:

  • Soup – Jungkook enjoys veggie soup in the evening. His soup includes veggies such as carrot, green onion, peas along with the chicken broth, and rice noodles.

Jungkook Dinner Meal Plan:

Jungkook dinner doesn’t include mouthwatering South Korean dishes. But his dinner diet plan includes:

  • Grilled Chicken – Jungkook prefers grilled chicken breast in his main course.
  • Bulgogi – Jungkook sometimes takes bulgogi (a South Korean dish made with barbecued beef) in his dinner. [3]
  • Veggies – Jungkook takes sauté or boiled veggies as an appetizer
  • Rice – Jungkook complements his main course with a bowl of rice and salad

Jungkook diet is very much doable, it’s simple, affordable, and rich in protein that will help you to maintain your shape.

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