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What Is The Diet Plan Of Jon Jones?

Jon Jones born Jonathan Dwight Jones is an American veteran mixed martial artist. He is known for winning the UFC light heavyweight championship two times. Jon Jones currently is at the top of UFC men’s chart for pound-for-pound rankings. He does strenuous workouts and takes diet very seriously to built muscle strength. But what is his diet plan?

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Five meals a day:

Jon Jones takes five meals a day. His meal plan includes breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch, mid-evening lunch, and dinner [1]. However, Jon Jones likes to eat food which high in protein and low in carbs.

Jon Jones Breakfast Meal Plan:

Jon Jones takes a breakfast of champion. His breakfast is full of rich nutrients and includes:

  • Eggs yolks  – Jon Jones takes 8 egg yolks in his breakfast. He complements with spinach and grilled turkey.
  • Porridge – Jon Jones enjoys a big bowl of oatmeal porridge with berries in breakfast. [2]
  • Water – 3 to 4 glasses of water is a must in Jon Jones’s breakfast.

Mid-Morning Snack:

Jones’s breakfast is followed by a mid-morning snack. He prefers to eat:

  • Protein shake – Jones usually enjoys low sugar protein shakes as a snake to maintain his body protein needs.

Jon Jones Lunch Meal Plan:

Jon Jones’s lunch meal plan is comparatively simple than breakfast. It includes:

  • Pasta – Jon Jones enjoys a big bowl of pasta with grilled chicken breast pieces in lunch.

Mid-Evening Snack:

Jon Jones’s lunch is followed by a mid-evening snack. He prefers to take:

  • Protein Shake – Just like a mid-morning snack, Jon Jones enjoys low sugar protein shake as his mid-evening snack.

Jon Jones Dinner Meal Plan:

Jon Jones likes to eat a fine dinner. His dinner eating plan includes:

  • Steak – Jones enjoys a huge bowl of chicken steak as his dinner main course. [3]
  • Veggies – He takes baked potatoes and sautés broccoli as an appetizer.
  • Brown Rice – Jon Jones complements steak with a bowl of brown rice.
  • Protein Shake – He takes a glass of low sugar protein shake before going to sleep.

That’s all about Jon Jones’s diet. His diet is doable but to consume high calories you definitely need a workout to balance your eating plan.

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