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What is Alicia Vikander Diet Plan In Tomb Raider?

Alicia Vikander is a veteran actress who is worldwide known for her incredible role as Lara Croft in the science fiction movie called Tomb Raider. Alicia Vikander is one of the toughest heroines of the film industry. She used to be lean previously but how she becomes so fit and athletic.

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The Reason Behind Alicia’s Fitness:

The reason behind Alicia’s fitness is her trainer Magnus Lygdback who works as a celebrity physical fitness trainer for more than 20 years. He designs Alicia’s workout plan and diet plan for months and helps Alicia Vikander in her body transformation. But what is the Alicia Vikander diet plan?

Five Meals A Day:

Alicia Vikander follows a keto diet which consists of five meals per day. She takes a meal after a regular interval of two or three hours. [1]

Alicia Vikander Breakfast Meal Plan:

Alicia Vikander’s breakfast diet is very exclusive. She takes food that is low on carbs and high on protein and fats.

  • Coffee – Alicia takes cold-brewed coffee in the morning which is less on caffeine.
  • MCT oil – MCT oil is an essential part of Alicia’s keto diet as it helps her to lower down the level of bad cholesterol in her body. [2]
  • Butter – Alicia enjoys whole fat grass butter to maintain fat content within her metabolism

Snack After Breakfast:

She takes her mid-morning snacks around 10 am. Her snack includes:

  • Nuts – Alicia enjoys walnuts, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, and almonds as snacks to have a good amount of omega fatty acids in her body.

Alicia Vikander Lunch Meal Plan:

Alicia Vikander’s lunch is simple and full of nutrients. Her lunch eating plan includes:

  • Salmon – Alicia enjoys baked salmon with two eggs and veggies such as broccoli, spinach, and pepper in lunch.

Snack After Lunch:

Alicia’s mid-evening snack is:

  • Beef Jerky – Alicia enjoys Grass-fed processed beef jerky as a snack

Alicia Vikander Meal Plan:

Alicia Vikander’s dinner is rich in nutrients. Her dinner diet contains:

  • Chicken – Alicia prefers seared chicken fillets with avocado along sauté kale and mushroom
  • Deli Salad – She enjoys salad with lime and chili but without any sweetener. [3]

Alicia’s diet is rich in certain nutrients but it is doable. However, you need to do training to complements Alicia Vikander’s eating plan. 

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