What Are The Sleeping Habits Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

Sleeping is one of the essential physiological requirements of human beings. A slight change in sleeping habits can cause behavioral changes such as irritation, fatigue, and less attention span in your body. However, Islam has provided us etiquettes for every aspect of our daily life such as food, education, and sleep [1]. That’s being said, what are the sleeping habits of Prophet Muhammad (SWT) that every Muslim must know.

Make Wudhu Before Having a Sleep

You need to cleanse your body and mind before having a sleep. As Prophet Muhammad (SWT) always practices a habit of making wudhu before going to sleep. Prophet Muhammad once said,

“Whenever you go to sleep, practice ablution as you did before your prayer and lie on your right side” as quoted by Saheeh Muslim.

Switch off the lights Before having a Sleep

Prophet Muhammad (SWT) maintain a dark environment while he was taking a sleep [2]. And according to scientific research, while you sleep in the dark environment, your body regulate your circadian rhythm and further helps in the maintenance of melanin product.

Therefore, before you sleep make sure to switch off the light and take sleep in a calm area. As narrated by Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Prophet Muhammad (SWT) once said,

“Shut off your lamps, close the doors, cover the food and water container, before having a sleep”.

Take care of Hygiene Before having a Sleep

Prophet Muhammad (SWT) insists on maintaining a hygienic environment before taking sleep. You have to dust off the dirt from your bed and have a clean surface to sleep ([3]. As Prophet Muhammad said,

“When one should go to sleep, he must have to hold the lower end of his garment and then should clean his bed with the help of that garment and then must recite the names of Allah Almighty” as narrated by Saheeh Muslim.

These are some of the sleeping habits of Prophet Muhammad (SWT). You should obey them regularly to attain calm and deep sleep. However, always pay gratitude and ask for forgiveness from Allah before taking a sleep.

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