All About the Fitness Queen Qimmah Russo, Her Diet Plan and Routine

Qimmah Russo is standing on a beach and posing for photoshoot

Like the tremendous fandom of Qimmah Russo on the internet, are you on the bandwagon to follow a diet like hers? Diet and fitness enthusiasts often discuss the fitness sensation and social media celebrity Qimmah Russo. No doubt, Qimmah has built herself to shine in athletics, too. Her passion for basketball is not hidden anymore, … Read more

Rebel Wilson’s Weight Gain Story and Impressive Transformation After Weight Loss

rebel wilson is sitting on the floor behind the sofa and posing for photoshoot

Rebel Wilson’s only decisive move was her strong-headed determination over practising exercises. You would believe this or not; Rebel shed 75 pounds through workouts and regular walks!  And it is the reason that made Rebel call the year 2021 “The Year of The Rainbow”. Not only this, 2021 was a milestone in Wilson’s years of … Read more

Keely Shaye Smith Before and After Weight Gain Journey

Keely Shaye Smith and her husband Pierce Brosnan are posing for photoshoot

Keely Shaye Smith’s weight gain or loss journey is no hidden secret afterward, and it made an enormous surge on the internet. There is no secret that obesity is the leading curse behind a lot of ailments, including hypertension, high cholesterol levels, and eventually stroke. One way or the other, you have to get yourself … Read more

Nine Perfect Strangers’ actress Samara Weaving’s Weight Loss Journey

Samara Weaving is having her meals seemingly in a restaurant

Samara’s weaving weight loss journey is a quirky move from her outshining appearance in Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, and Nine Perfect Strangers.  Other than that, Samara weaving’s interview has made a massive round of applause in her recent interview about the auspicious “diet plan of Samara Weaving.”  What is Samara Weaving Everyday Diet? It won’t be any glitch … Read more