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The Diet Plan Of Tiffany Young

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, USA, Tiffany Young works as a singer, dancer, and actor in South Korea. When she was 15, SM entertainment signed her, and she moved to South Korea. In 2007, Tiffany Young debuted as a lead vocalist in the South Korean girl band named Girls’ Generation. However, she left SM entertainment in 2017 but maintained her ties with her band.

Currently, Tiffany Young lives in LA, California, and works as a soloist and had released her first album in 2019. However, Tiffany spends her time working out and eating mindful food.

Does Tiffany Young follow a diet?

Jackson Hwang says that she eats a plant-based diet five times a week and eats whatever she wants to eat on her cheat days [1]. In addition, Tiffany takes three regular meals every day. Although, she doesn’t take anything after 8 pm. In addition, she drinks more than 1.5-liter water daily.

Do you know this soccer player also believes in a plant-based diet?

Tiffany Young SNSD Diet Plan

When Tiffany lived in South Korea, her diet plan had 1300 to 1500 calories, and she used to take a balanced diet which is listed below. 

Just one plant-based meal a day makes me feel better, healthier, and fitter

Tiffany Young Breakfast Meal Plan

Born again singer starts her day with a proper breakfast. Her morning menu includes a bowl of brown rice with grilled chicken with broccoli and seasonal veggies. Tiffany takes 179 calories in her breakfast.

Tiffany Young Lunch Meal Plan

The Asian diva also enjoys a nutritious lunch in the evening. She ate grilled chicken seasoned with paprika and topped with almonds. She complements her main dish with a bowl of brown rice. However, her lunch constitutes 424 calories. 

Tiffany Young Dinner Meal Plan

The T-Manager also eats a light dinner. She eats sweet potatoes with eggs, paprika salad, and cabbage at night [2]. In addition, her supper counts 445 calories.

What is Tiffany Young’s favorite meal?

Tiffany Young loves to eat fast foods on her cheat day [3]. However, she’s also a fantastic cook and enjoys showing her cooking skills at reality shows.

The Bottom Line

That concludes Tiffany Young’s diet plan. Her diet plan is simple, healthy, and easy to follow.

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