The Diet Plan Of SNSD’s Jessica Jung

Accidently found by an SM employee when she was 7, Jessica Kung is US-born, South Korean K-pop singer, songwriter, novelist, and actress. This Korean icon debuted as a lead vocalist in the K-pop girl band named Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and worked in many K-dramas. However, she left SM in 2016 to build her career as a solo singer and novelist.

Does Jessica go to the gym?

The Shine author spends plenty of time at the gym and her workout includes yoga, weight training, and cardio. In addition, Jessica Jung enjoys dancing regularly. That’s why she has a toned figure.

“I want to fit everything I love in my daily routine.”

Does Jessica follow a diet?

The Wild Romance actress believes in eating healthy and nutritious food made with organic ingredients. In addition, she abstains from eating fatty or processed food. Moreover, Jessica follows a short-term diet and prefers to eat food before 7 am.

Read more as today we will reveal the SNSD Jessica Jung’s complete diet plan.

Jessica Jung Rich Breakfast Plan

The SNSD former member eats a rich breakfast full of fiber and sugar in the morning. She takes a cup of Greek yogurt with granola, honey, and two strawberries in her breakfast [1]. Jessica’s morning meal boosts her energy and gut health. That’s why it’s a perfect meal to start a day.

Jessica Jung Organic Lunch Plan

Sergeant Sic (nickname given to Jessica by her fans) eats lunch before any event or meeting. She prefers eating Turkey Avocado Sandwich which is made up of grilled turkey, avocado slices, raw veggies, and brown bread. This sandwich is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and omega 3 fatty acids to boost Jessica’s immunity and metabolism. Isn’t that amazing?

Jessica Jung Luxurious Dinner Plan

The singer of With Love, J eats a light yet luxurious dinner. Her night menu consists of two elite salad that includes Beef Tenderloin Salad made with beef and veggies, and Avocado Pollock Roe Bibimbap made with brown rice, Korean chutney, and raw veggies [2].

What is SNSD Jessica Jung’s favorite food?

The Bright author loves to eat chocolate ice cream [3] and spicy Korean noodles, ramen. However, she prefers to eat grilled chicken breast with her friends and avoid alcohol.

That ends the diet of Jessica Jung diet plan. Her diet is exotic and rich yet nutritious and organic.

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