Simona Halep wearing tennis dress code is about to hit the tennis ball
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The Diet Plan Of Simona Halep

Simona Halep is a professional Romanian tennis player who has claimed the world’s no.1 position in singles for herself not once but twice between 2017 and 2019.

Apart from this, she is a winner of 22 WTA singles and has ended up as runner-up 17 times.

Simona Halep trains daily to keep her body in shape. However, her thoughts on following a strict diet do vary. Whenever she is not training she likes to frequently treat herself with a variety of seafood especially sushi.

She is a Pizza lover as well and never misses pizzas after her matches.

Read more to find out the Simona Halep complete diet routine.

Does Simona Halep Follow a Diet?

Simona Halep doesn’t believe in a strict diet plan. Although, she eats healthy food made with organic ingredients to maintain her calorie count.

Fun fact: Did you know that Simona Halep has also gone through breast reduction surgery to get an extra edge for her tennis career.

Three Meals A Day

Simona Halep takes three meals a day. But her meals differ from the conventional routine. Apart from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She takes a meal before the game, meal during the game, and meal after the game.

What Simona Halep Eats Before a Game?

Two-times Grand Slam winner likes to eat healthy and rich food before the game. Her eating plan consists of:

  • Seafood – Simona Halep is a big fan of seafood. That’s why eating sushi is mandatory for her.
  • California Rolls – When she doesn’t binge on sushi, she goes for the California rolls.
  • Pasta – Another go-to food for Halep. She prefers pasta without any sauces but she likes to add olive oil and parmesan cheese on top of it. [1]

What Simona Halep Takes During a Game?

2019 Wimbledon Champion takes care of her diet plan during games too. To boost up her energy level, she likes to take:

  • Fruits – Simona Halep likes to have fruits between games especially bananas.
  • Energy bars – Halep also takes energy bars occasionally during the game. [2]

What does Simona Halep Eat After a Game?

After the game, Simona Halep eats food that she likes the most. Even though it is not a healthy option to go but after a win, you can have a cheat meal.

  • Pizza – Halep loves pizza and she eats it almost every day. [3]

This concludes Simona Halep diet’s plan.

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