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The Diet Plan Of Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman)

A TV star, Blogger, and Mother of four. She is a famous food critic and has a separate fan base because of her food blogs that had helped millions to achieve their desired goals. She has even a blog series of 16- minute recipes. How cool is this!  

Following is written what she actually likes to eat in a day: [1]

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Ree’s day starts with Migas. It is actually a mix of scrambled eggs, onions, peppers fried corn strips, etc. Ree also prefers coffee with her morning meal if she is on a weight loss spree.


In a blog, she described that she eats her delicious Big Steak Salad with sweet vinaigrette and a sliced cold steak. On occasions, she also tries Tofu Lettuce Wraps, tomato soup, Quesadilla with shrimps and peppers, and many other high protein low carb combinations [2].


In an interview, she apprises that her dinner is somehow different in summers than in winters. She likes to eat roasted chicken legs along with broccoli soup in winters. In summers, she also likes a touch of refrigerator rolls and salad with roasted chicken. 

No Midnight Snacks:

According to an interview with Food Network’s Dish, she said that she keeps on working to trim herself by not getting indulged in midnight snacks. She also emphasized the fact that midnight snacking is one of the leading causes of weight gain and is not a healthy practice. 

Not A Veggie:

The pioneer woman is not a veggie. In an interview with USA Today, she expressed how she likes her steak prepared. She not only likes beef but her favorite recipes also include different animal proteins like chicken, shrimp, ham etc. 

Her Comfort Food:

In Dr. Oz.Show, she beautifully described her comfort food that it is something that brings her back the childhood memories of the recipes that her mother and grandmother would cook for her. When asked, she said “It includes cheese and macaroni. Cheese was her biggest craving during the pregnancy as well” 

The bottom Line:

Ree Drummond is a pioneer and an example for those who wish to lead an extravagant and healthy lifestyle. She has very well molded herself into the role of blogger, author, food writer, photographer, and television personality. Balancing everything and still being able to dedicate time for her personal and mental well-being has been awe-inspiring for people.  

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