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The Diet Plan Of Pietro Boselli

Pietro Boselli is an Italian engineer turned model and personal. He previously worked as a Mathematician lecturer at London University College. Pietro daily spends hours at the gym learning new exercises and training regimes. However, Boselli doesn’t follow a conservative diet plan but he believes in creating unique meals.

“It’s not new knowledge that everything is connected. The Romans said, ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’. In other words, ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’.”

Read more to find out about the exclusive diet routine of Pietro Boselli.

Four Meals A Day

Pietro Boselli takes four meals in a day. However, his meals mostly contain a high amount of protein and fats whereas he abstains from eating carbohydrates [1]. Nonetheless, he eats organic food and doesn’t consume any sort of supplements.

Pietro Boselli Breakfast Meal Plan

Pietro Boselli prefers to eat organic and simple food in the morning. His breakfast eating plan consists of:

  • Eggs – Boselli likes to eat eggs along with avocado and squeezed grapefruit at breakfast.
  • Salad – He ends his breakfast with a bowl of salad. He adds cucumber, tomatoes, bread, peppers, and olive oil to his salad.

Pietro Boselli Lunch Meal Plan

2014 WBFF UK winner likes to eat homemade food at lunch. His lunch eating plan comprises of:

  • Pasta – Boselli enjoys eating a bowl of pasta served homemade sauce.
  • Fruits – He also takes fresh fruits and yogurt at his lunch.

Mid-Evening Snack

After lunch, Pietro Boselli enjoys a quick snack protein which mostly includes:

  • Smoothie – Boselli likes to have a glass of smoothie as a snack. He adds full-cream milk, banana, oats, and peanut butter to it [2].

Pietro Boselli Dinner Meal Plan

Pietro Boselli prefers a simple and healthy dinner over heavy meals. His dinner eating plan consists of:

  • Seafood – Boselli eats grilled fish with sautéed vegetables at dinner [3].
  • Rice – He complements his seafood with a bowl of boiled rice.
  • Coconut oil – He ends his dinner with a sip of coconut oil.

The Bottom Line

That concludes the diet plan of Pietro Boselli. He eats simple, healthy, and nutritious which can be easily followed by you. However, he workouts daily to burn his calories. So, you must exercise well to match Pietro Boselli’s diet routine.

“I always believed that fitness is about lifestyle, more than anything. Walking to places, taking the stairs, being up early in the morning, embracing outdoor activities and putting real effort and passion in the workouts.”

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