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The Diet Plan Of Muhamed Salah

Muhamed Salah is an Egyptian soccer player, he plays in a forward position for the Egyptian National Team and Liverpool in football premium leagues.

Muhamed Salah is famous around the world for his speed, dribbling, and finishing techniques in soccer. Well, that’s being said, what is Muhammad Salah’s diet plan?

Read more to find out Muhamed Salah’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal plan.

Muhamed Salah Believes in Balanced Diet

Muhamed Salah’s eating plan is quite different from other athletes. As he doesn’t believe in eating to stay fit but rather focuses on a balanced diet [1]. He enjoys eating homemade food and believes that homemade food is best to keep a healthy body.

Muhammad Salah’s Breakfast Meal Plan:

Muhamed Salah prefers a heavy breakfast [2]. His breakfast meal plan doesn’t contain any whole grain or whole wheat cereals. He enjoys the following in his breakfast eating plan:

  • A couple of deep-fried parathas – a subcontinent dish that is made with fried whole wheat flour.
  • A glass of full cream milk – Muhamed Salah does not like skimmed milk.
  • A bowl full of various fruits – Muhamed Salah prefers a fruit bowl in the afternoon as a snack.

Muhamed Salah’s Lunch Meal Plan:

Muhamed Salah’s lunch meal plan is inspired by Egyptian cuisine. His diet includes:

  • A combination of vegetables, lentils, and chicken in a curry – this curry is full of proteins, carbs, and various other vital nutrients.
  • Muhamed Salah likes this curry with bread and a bowl of yogurt to keep his metabolism up & strong.
  • His lunch is generally followed by a glass of fresh fruit juice with no sugar. He takes fresh juices as a snack in the evening.

Muhamed Salah’s Dinner Meal Plan:

Compare to Muhamed Salah’s breakfast and lunch eating plan, his dinner plan is quite simple and light. It includes:

  • His dinner is a combination of veggies and salad along with the soup. That’s all.
  • Salah always takes his dinner before 8 o’clock past the evening.

The Bottom Line:

Muhamed Salah’s diet plan is very unconventional yet healthy [3]. He doesn’t take any additional supplements and loves to eat food made at home. That’s the reason behind his strong physique and health.

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