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The Diet Plan Of Mike Dolce

Born and raised, New Jersey, USA, Mike Dolce is a fitness trainer, author, and nutrition coach who is a former wrestler, weight lifter, and MMA fighter. He also does motivational speeches for the US military. In 2007, he took his passion seriously and started doing business as a personal trainer and diet planner.

Holder of the MMA trainer of the year 2016 develops his diet plan known as the Dolce diet. In addition, he successfully trains many UFC fighters such as Thiago Alves and Johny Hendricks, etc. But Mike Dolce trains like a maestro and eats appropriately to maintain his physique like a fitness coach.

Do you know Mike Dolce prepares Ronda Rousey’s workout and nutritional plan?

Read more to find out about Mike Dolce eating rituals.

Three Meals in a Day

Mike Dolce eats meals in a day. However, Mike Dolce’s diet includes earth-grown ingredients [1] such as blueberries, avocado, kale, red apples, etc. In addition, a former international fighter believes in eating organic food and adopts the vegan eating principle within its diet. He also drinks a lot of water between his meals to stay hydrated.

Mike Dolce Breakfast Meal Plan

Mike Dolce prefers to take breakfast after waking up for 30 to 45 minutes. For him, breakfast is the important meal of the day. Dolce takes a breakfast bowl in the morning, including buckwheat, banana, berries, nut, butter, and cinnamon [2]. MMA trainer ends his breakfast with an oat and berry smoothie.

Sometimes, Mike Dolce eats toast with hazelnut butter or apples as a snack after breakfast.

Mike Dolce Lunch Meal Plan

Mike Dolce cooks its food in coconut or olive oil. However, the fitness legend enjoys Egg Salad Wrap made with boiled eggs, onion, and avocado seasoned with fresh black pepper in the lunch [3]. In addition, he sometimes eats tuna salad in the evening. After lunch, he takes mango or cashews for snacks.

Mike Dolce Dinner Meal Plan

The author of the Dolce Diet eats chickpeas salad in the dinner, including chickpeas, veggies, nuts, and feta cheese seasoned with balsamic vinegar and hemp oil. Sometimes, his dinner menu consists of baked salmon with a cup of brown rice.

The Bottom Line

That concludes the Mike Dolce diet plan. His diet is healthy, organic, and free from preservatives.

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