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The Diet Plan of Marcelo Vieira

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Marcelo Vieira is a veteran soccer player who plays for the Brazilian national team and Spanish club Real Madrid. He mainly plays as a defender and sometimes in a left-back position. However, this Brazilian soccer legend once thought about quitting soccer and could not pay for his bus and kit fare. But his club supported him, which led him to the national and international football arena.

Number 12 Jersey player, has won 22 trophies and many titles under his name. He trains vigorously in the gym and eats calculated food [1] to keep himself available to the playground.

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far always go accompanied”

Read more to find out about Marcelo Vieira’s diet routine.


How many meals include in Marcelo Vieira’s diet plan?

Marcel takes four meals in a day. He consumes meals that are rich in protein and carbs. However, his favorite food is homemade recipes [2].

Marcelo Vieira Breakfast Meal Plan

Three times UEFA championship title holder enjoys a heavy breakfast. The Brazilian maestro takes three fried eggs with a mug of low-fat curb in the morning. Five strips of grilled turkey bacon and a handful of strawberries also serve on his breakfast table. He mostly goes to the gym after breakfast.


Post-Workout Meal Plan

After working out, Marcelo drinks a protein shake. He adds 15-ounce Myoplex in his shake.

Marcelo Vieira Lunch Meal Plan

Four times FIFA world cup holder eats lunch like a king. His lunch menu includes baked chicken breasts, 2 to 3 turkey meatballs, tomato gravy with cooked beans, and two slices of brown bread. He sometimes adds spaghetti to his dining table.

Marcelo Vieira Dinner Meal Plan

Master of blocking and tackling ball eats a low profile dinner. He takes a lean beef burger with sautéed broccoli or chicken Caesar salad [3].

Does Marcelo Have a Sweet Tooth?

Marcelo avoids desserts and sweet dishes. He mostly goes to watermelon and myoplex when he has sweet cravings.


The Bottom Line

That concludes Marcelo Vieira’s diet plan. He enjoys eating healthy yet rich food. However, he trains intensely to balance out his calorie intake. 

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