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The Diet Plan Of Luiz Suárez

Luiz Suárez born as Luiz Alberto Suárez Diaz is a 34-year-old professional soccer player. Currently, He is a part of the Uruguayan national football team and he plays for the Spanish soccer club, Atlético Madrid. Suárez enjoys striking the ball into the goal, that’s why we usually see him playing the forward position.

He likes to maintain his body physique through exercise and food but what is the diet plan of Luiz Suárez?

Four Meals A Day

Luiz Suárez takes four meals in a day.

His dieting plan consists of breakfast, lunch, mid-evening, and dinner.

Luiz strictly follows meals made with organic foods [1]. However, his diet contains a high portion of protein and carbohydrates.

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Luiz Suárez Breakfast Meal Plan

Breakfast is the most important meal of Suárez’s day. He takes lavish and rich breakfast which includes:

  • Eggs – Suárez enjoys two to three boiled eggs with homemade fries and bacon in the morning.
  • Turkey – Turkey meat is Suárez’s favorite. Dishes such as turkey kabasa, turkey ham, and turkey sausages always present on Suárez’s breakfast menu.
  • Pancakes – Suárez ends his breakfast with a plate of pancakes.

Luiz Suárez Lunch Meal Plan

Luiz Suárez takes lunch before playing a game of football and his lunch eating plan consist of:

  • Spaghetti – Before the match, Suárez usually eats Italian-style Spaghetti Bolognese with Parmesan cheese.
  • Hydration – He keeps himself hydrated with gallons of water throughout the day.

Snack Followed By Lunch

Suárez takes a snack at the end of the game. He takes nutritious food as snacks and prefers to eat:

  • Fruits – Suárez likes to eat fresh fruits as snacks. However, he consumes bananas on daily basis. [2]

Luiz Suárez Dinner Meal Plan

Luiz Suárez’s dinner contains simple and healthy food. His night eating plan consists of:

  • Pizza – Pizza is the main dish on the Suárez dinner’s menu. [3]
  • Salad – He ends his dinner with a bowl of Caesar salad.
  • Noodles – Suárez takes ramen noodles once a while but not regularly.

That’s all about Luiz Suárez’s diet plan. His diet is rich and difficult to follow.

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