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The Diet Plan of Kim Namjoon

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Kim Namjoon are a rapper, record producer, and songwriter. Commonly known by his stage name, Rap Monster came into light after leading the world-famous boyband group named BTS. Kim Namjoon has many musical accolades under his name and has a solo mixtape.

However, in earlier days of his fame, RM used to be chubby. But then, he strained his muscles in the gym and achieved a leaner physique. In addition, he makes some changes in his eating habits too.

Read more to find about Kim Namjoon Diet Plan.

Does Kim Namjoon follow a diet?

Grape king doesn’t follow a strict diet. However, he eats three times a day and enjoys light snacks. In addition, he drinks a lot of water and consumes 2000 calories per day [1].

This lead vocalist of BTS also takes three proper meals in a day and calls his leader, Rapmon.

Kim Namjoon Breakfast Meal Plan

Joonie kept his breakfast secret, but he mostly grabbed a bowl of scrambled eggs in the morning.

Kim Namjoon Lunch Meal Plan

Rap Monster likes to eat a lot of noodles at lunch. Man with a 148 IQ enjoys taking jjajangmyeon in the evening. Jjajangmyeon is Korean black bean noodles made in the sauce.

Kim Namjoon Dinner Meal Plan

Joon doesn’t share his dinner menu. However, he takes ramen at night. However, Namjoon is a picky eater and avoids eating spicy food [2].

What are Kim Namjoon’s favorite foods?

Rap Monster likes to eat both traditional and overseas cuisine. Namjoon favorite foods are:

  • Meat, Namjoon loves to eat all types of meat. However, his favorite meat dish is Samgyeopsal, a Korean dish made with beef and organic ingredients.
  • Kal-guksu, also known as Korean knife noodles, are among RM’s favorite foods. Handmade wheat flour knife-cut noodles cooked in a delicious broth are hard to resist [3].
  • Ice cream is the Joonie favorite desert.

When you’re hungry, chicken is the best

What is Kim Namjoon’s favorite place to eat?

All BTS members, alongside Rapmon, loves to eat food from Panda Express, an American Chinese food chain based in the United States.

The Bottom Line

That concludes the diet plan of Kim Namjoon. His meal plans are simple, healthy, and easy to follow.

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