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The Diet Plan Of Kai (Kim Jong-In)

Born and raised in Suncheon-si, South Korea, Kim Jong-in are a dancer, singer, songwriter, model, and actor. Kim Jong-in, commonly known by stage name Kai, Kim Jong-in debuted as a singer and dancer in the South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo. In addition, Kai is a part of SM entertainment supergroup named SuperM and has launched its solo album in 2020.

However, this diva has done shoots for many fashion brands such as Gucci. Due to his charming physique, he always remains in the limelight. Kai works for hours in the gym and dances the whole day whenever he’s under stress.

My weight is the same as when I debuted. It’s 63 kilograms.

Does Kai follow a diet?

In the beginning, Kai was very conscious about his weight. He used to eat chicken breasts all day to lose weight, but the latter affects his health [1]. Now, Kai eats a balanced diet and takes four meals a day. However, he refrains from binging on fast food.

Read more to find out more about Exo Kai eating habits.

Kai Breakfast Meal Plan

The face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics takes a typical South Korean breakfast. He enjoys eggs with toast and bacon in the morning.

Mid-Morning Snack

Before taking lunch, Kai likes to have a snack. He drinks a glass of protein shake at brunch.

Kai Lunch Meal Plan

Former Gucci Brand Ambassador take a healthy meal in the evening. His lunch includes grilled chicken or salmon with a bowl of boiled rice and sauteed vegetables and salad. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Do you know Kai’s former love interest also takes salmon in her diet?

Kai Dinner Meal Plan

For dinner, Seoul Fashion Week Ambassador takes steak or grilled salmon with his bandmates. He complements his main course with sauteed veggies and a bowl of salad.

What is Exo Kai’s favorite food?

Kim Jong-in loves to eat fried chicken and roasted duck (2). However, Kai avoids eating oysters. 

What is Exo Kai’s favorite place to eat?

Mmmh singer enjoys eating at Kamong Café, owned by Kai’s older sister and located within South Korea [3]

Does Kai like to cook?

Kai is a good cook and likes to cook traditional South Korean dishes such as Com suon.

The Bottom Line

That concludes the diet plan of Kai. Follow his diet to get a leaner body.

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