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The Diet Plan Of J-Hope

Born and raised in Gwangju, South Korea, Jung Ho-Seok is a rapper, songwriter, singer, dancer, and record producer known by his stage name, J-Hope. In 2013, he made his debut in the worldwide famous South Korean boyband named BTS.

The leading fashionista has done shoots for many global magazines. In addition, J-Hope prefers a lean body. That’s why he spends many hours dancing or working out.

We’re working out, watching Netflix, and learning to play instruments. I think we’re doing a lot of self-development and also just trying to stay active.

Does J-Hope follow a diet?

Hobi doesn’t stick to a specific diet plan, but he eats whatever he wants to. But the “Blood sweat and tears” rapper is weight conscious and eats food in a controlled amount. In addition, he takes four meals a day.

Do you know this BTS rapper follows a diet opposite of J-Hope?

Read more to find more about J-Hope eating habits.

J-Hope Breakfast Meal Plan

Hoseokie eats a bowl of oats after waking up in the morning. The BTS star also takes fresh fruits in his breakfast.

J-Hope Lunch Meal Plan

Holder of Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit Award 2018 enjoys a healthy meal in the evening [1]. His lunch menu includes a grilled piece of turkey or chicken with sauteed veggies. J-Hope enjoys his main dish with a bowl of boiled rice.

Mid-Evening Snack

J-Dope munches some fruits or salad as snacks before taking dinner.

J-Hope Dinner Meal Plan

Sunshine takes a light meal at night. He eats grilled salmon or chicken with sauteed veggies.

What is J-Hope’s favorite meal?

J-Hope is a big fan of traditional Korean food. However, his favorite is Kimchi fried rice [2]. Kimchi is a popular Korean snack made with seasoned veggies and salt. In addition, J-Hope’s favorite drinks include Expresso and American sodas such as Sprite.

What is J-Hope’s favorite restaurant?

J-Hope enjoys eating fast food even though his favorite restaurant is In-and-Out, an American fast-food chain famous for its burgers.

Does J-Hope like to cook?

J-Hope doesn’t like to cook. However, when his band members, such as RM cooks, Hobi cleans afterward [3]. However, J-Hope eats food in a hurry to be on his schedule.

The Bottom Line

That concludes J-Hope’s diet plan. His diet is simple, healthy, and easy to follow.

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