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The Diet Plan Of Im Yoon-Ah

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Im Yoon-ah is a singer and actress who made her debut in the K-pop girl band named Girl Generation by SM entertainment. This K-pop (케이팝) idol has appeared in various K-dramas and movies such as the K2 and Hush etc. In addition, SNSD’s lead vocalist has many accolades under her name, including the new best actress at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Im Yoon-ah trains like a maestro in the gym, and her workout consist of Pilates and high-intensity exercises. However, this international icon eats food in a controlled manner.

I wish food was falling from the sky

Does Yoon-ah follow a diet?

Yoona follows a proper diet schedule which includes five meals in a day. However, she takes nutritious meals and avoids eating fatty foods. In addition, she consumes 1200 calories daily.

Do you know this female K-pop idol also does pilates in her workout?

Im Yoon-ah Breakfast Meal Plan

Many nutritionists consider breakfast as an essential meal of the day. That can be seen in the breakfast eating plan of Im Yoon-ah. The female lead of You Are My Destiny takes grilled chicken with a rice bowl in the morning (1). In addition, she also takes seasonal veggies with her main dish.

Mid-Morning Snack

To fulfill her body’s vitamins and fibers need, Alligator Yoona eats fresh fruits as snacks at brunch.

Im Yoon-ah Lunch Meal Plan

The Asian Saseumi eats a lunch full of protein and carbohydrates. She intakes a piece cooked with boiled rice and salad. By eating a meaty meal, Im Yoon-ah muscle mass increased, and her physique became tougher.

Mid-Evening Snack

Before having dinner, this South Korean diva enjoys drinking a glass of smoothie.

Im Yoon-ah Dinner Meal Plan

Nam Choding takes a light meal at night. Her dinner table serves grilled salmon with sweet potatoes and salad. By eating a light dinner, Im Yoon-ah maintains good gut health.

What is Im Yoon-ah’s favorite food?

Yoona enjoys eating a bunch of foods which includes

  • Kimchi – A South Korean made with fermented veggies (2).
  • Ice cream – Chocolate mint ice cream is Im Yoona’s favorite (3).
  • Pork – Korean-style cooked pork belly is shikshin’s love.

The Bottom Line

That concludes the diet plan of Im Yoon-ah. She consumes a balanced diet and practices healthy eating patterns.

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