The Diet Plan Of Exo’s Sehun

The gentleman with a shy outlook and milky glass skin, Oh Se-hun is a South Korean rapper, singer, dancer, model, actor, and songwriter. This K-pop (케이팝) idol debuted as a rapper in the South Korean boy band named Exo. In addition, Sehun also walks for many fashion brands such as Vogue Korea due to his sleek and toned physique.

“Let’s live while doing things we like.”

Does Sehun work out?

The Closer rapper carries a charming face and perfect figure. He spends plenty of his time working out at the gym. His workout plan includes high-intensity exercises, cardio, and weight lifting [1]. That’s the reason behind Sehun fitness.

Does Sehun follow a diet?

Sehunie (nickname given to Sehun by his bandmates) doesn’t follow a proper diet schedule. Instead, he eats what he likes most of the time [2]. However, he prefers eating healthy foods and drinks tons of water to remain healthy and hydrated.

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Does Sehun eat Korean food?

Sehun enjoys eating traditional Korean food. Even most of his favorite dishes belong to South Korean cuisine. Moreover, South Korean food is cooked in a healthy way that preserves the nutrients of its ingredients. In addition, South Korean food consists of raw veggies that are rich in vitamins and also include meat and eggs that fulfill Sehun protein, carbs, and fat needs.

Does Sehun eat Junk food?

Sehun takes a cheat day once a week and satisfies all of his cravings by eating a bulk of junk. However, after having rich food, the Busted actor trains like a maestro to burn his fat and calories.

What is Sehun’s favorite food?

Senshine (nickname given to Sehun by his fans) loves to eat South Korean cuisine. Some of his favorite dishes are:

  • Sushi – A Japanese food made with vinegared rice, raw seafood, and veggies with salt, sugar, and spice.
  • Stir-fried rice – A Chinese rice dish made with sauces, vinegar, stir-fried veggies, and meat.
  • Tteok-bokki – A famous Korean street food made with rice cakes, boiled eggs, fish, spring onions and served in spicy gravy [3].

That concludes the diet plan of Sehun. His plan is simple and easy to follow.

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