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The Diet Plan Of EXO Chanyeol

Once broken his teeth eating chicken, this mischievous lad grows as a Park Chanyeol, a K-pop rapper, singer, model, songwriter, and actor. Born in Seoul, South Korea, this multitalented heartthrob joined famous boyband Exo in 2013 as a thin boy. And now he’s a powerfully built man with an attractive physique.

Does Chanyeol follow a diet?

The Tomorrow singer strains his muscles at the gym by doing weight training. However, this K-pop (케이팝) idol does follow a diet uniquely. Instead of only eating veggies and food, Chanyeol eats food in moderation [1]. In addition, he avoids taking junk and processed foods.

“No matter how difficult something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot”

Read more to find more about Exo Chanyeol eating habits.

Park Chanyeol Healthy Breakfast Plan

Wealthy Teeth (nickname given to Chanyeol by his band members) eats a quality breakfast in the morning. His breakfast includes fried eggs with toast and chicken sausage. Chanyeol morning meal consists of protein, carbs, and fats, and thereby, it is the power food to start his day.

Park Chanyeol Balanced Lunch Plan

The Box lead protagonist enjoys eating a grilled chicken with a bowl of boiled rice and sauteed veggies at lunch. A balanced meal helps to minimize bad body fat, which results in weight loss.

Mid-Evening Snack

Park Do-bi (nickname given to Chanyeol by his fans) takes a protein shake before dinner [2]. This nutritious drink helps Chanyeol to grow his muscle mass.

Park Chanyeol Minimal Dinner Plan

What a Life song rapper eats a minimal dinner at night. His dinner table consists of grilled turkey with vegetables and salad. By eating a light dinner full of fiber and vitamins, Chanyeol allows his gut bacteria to relax and boost his gut health.

What is Exo Chanyeol’s favorite food?

The lead rapper of Exo does fight with his cravings. However, he loves to eat South Korean traditional food [3]. Some of these go-to dishes are:

  • Galbi – A South Korean dish made with beef short ribs and grilled with spice until completely done.
  • Tonkatsu – A Japanese made with deep-fried and breadcrumbs coated pork and served with boiled rice and cabbage.

And that ends the Exo Chanyeol diet plan. Follow his exciting meal to get a leaner and fitter body.

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