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The Diet Plan Of Chris Paul

Born as Christopher Emmanuel Paul, Chris Paul is a professional American basketball player who played for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He won many accolades while playing in the point guard position such as the Rookie of the Year Award by the NBA along with others. Chris Paul maintains his lean physique through workouts and diet so let’s dig into his daily diet routine specifics to understand better.

Four Meals A Day

Chris Paul takes four meals in a day. His daily diet menu includes breakfast, lunch, mid-evening snacks, and dinner.

Paul is a vegan and eats plant-based food. [1]

He has a personal chef named Seong Hwang; an immigrant from Seoul, South Korea, who not only prepares his daily meals but also always remains ready to advise and help Paul to determine what he can or can’t eat from the hotel menu whenever Paul hits the road.

According to Chef Seong “Chris is always worrying about what he can and can’t eat.” & that clearly reflects in his daily diet regimen

Chris Paul Breakfast Meal Plan

CP3 (nickname of Chris Paul) likes to have a healthy yet light breakfast in the morning.

His breakfast eating plan constitutes:

  • Oatmeal – Paul takes a bowl of wholegrain oatmeal for the breakfast.
  • Butter – He also enjoys peanut butter with toast in the morning.
  • Milk – He ends his breakfast with a glass of plant-based milk. [2]

Chris Paul Lunch Meal Plan

Chris Paul enjoys a lunch made with organic ingredients. His typical lunch consists of:

  • Pasta – Paul eats a bowl of pasta with plant-based meat sausages in the lunch.
  • Rice – He complements his meal with a plate of brown rice.
  • Veggies – He ends his lunch with a portion of grilled veggies with curry sauce.

Mid-Evening Snack

The two times Olympic Games gold medalist like to have a snack after lunch which includes:

  • Fruits – Paul enjoys a handful of fresh fruits and dry fruits as snacks.
  • Tacos – He sometimes loves to give himself a party of taco with plant-based meat.

Chris Paul Dinner Meal Plan

Chris Paul eats a dinner based on a balanced diet. His dinner plate usually looks like:

  • Seafood – Paul takes a grilled or baked fish with sautéed veggies at dinner.
  • Soup – He complements his fish with a bowl of healthy soup.
  • Loco Moco – Hawaiian Loco Moco (a dish made with white rice, fried egg, and brown sauce) is his favorite dish. He enjoys his Loco Moco with a Beyond Meat (plant-based product) burger giving it a “super vegan touch”. [3]

That’s all about Chris Paul’s diet plan.

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