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The Diet Plan of Bob Harper | The Fitness Philosopher

Bob Harper has been known for his effective fitness techniques and philosophies. He is one of the top American trainers who helped people and celebrities reach their desired fitness level with his structured training and diet schedules.

His bestseller book ‘Jumpstart to skinny’ is a compilation of all his methods to lose extra pounds and achieve fitness. Harper was a vegan but he stopped adhering to it in 2013 stating that the vegan diet was not able to meet his dietary requirements.

Here is a brief description of his diet plan and workout routine:

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Harper takes his first meal after his yoga class which includes 1 cup of zero fat Yogurt with ¾ cup mixed fresh berries and a teaspoon of butter. According to him, it depends on a person’s lifestyle and schedule to have breakfast before or after the workout but for those who like to take their meal before exercise, He recommends the meal to be taken at least one hour before the workout so the body gets enough time to digest. Harper emphasizes keeping the balance of all the nutrients in a diet while on a workout plan.


It includes salad with a mix of chicken & pepper. He also adds some amount of avocado and balsamic vinegar.


Harper makes his dinner himself. His dinner consists of roasted veggies along with brown rice. He also adds white fish or chicken breast to supplement the protein intake. Sometimes, he cooks eggplant steak by combining all veggies and grain.

Workout Routine:

In his book ‘The Super Carb Diet’ he writes that workout is the key to maintain a healthy diet plan. He is an ardent cross-fit athlete. Harper follows a strict workout routine as per his body requirements

Meditation And Stress Management:

Harper practices Transcendental Meditation. Yoga and meditation have always been his go-to tool for a balanced lifestyle. After the heart attack in 2017, he emphasized it even more and realized the importance of it in leading a healthy lifestyle. Therefore he has inculcated yoga and meditation in his daily routine. [1]

He emphasizes the benefits of yoga with weight training, he says “It helps in the body not losing its flexibility while the muscles are subjected to heavy breakdown and formation during the weight training”

The Bottom Line:

Bob Harper has always advised starting slow if a person is focused on a serious diet. He says that keeping everything in a good balance is key to maintain a healthy lifestyle. No one can become Captain America or Wonder Woman within a week or month. It always takes time to realize your dreams. [2]

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