The Diet Plan Of Baekhyun

Byun Baek-Hyun (변백현) is a K-pop singer, actor, and songwriter born in the Bucheon district of South Korea. This K-pop idol has been the lead vocalist of a South Korean boy band named Exo since its debut in 2012. Baekhyun also worked in the K-drama industry and won many hearts through his acting skills.

The leader of the supergroup named SuperM has a leaner yet attractive physique and has appeared on the front pages of many fashion magazines. In addition, Baekhyun does a strenuous workout in the gym to achieve a fit body.

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Does Baekhyun follow a diet?

The Moon Lover actor does follow a diet, but he’s not strict with his eating habits. In addition, the Baekhyun diet contains high protein and low carbohydrates (1). However, Baekhyun takes five meals a day to keep his body in shape.

Baekhyun Breakfast Meal Plan

Bacon (nickname given to Baekhyun by his international fans) enjoys a nutritious breakfast. He eats two eggs omelet with chicken sausage and toast in the morning.

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Mid-Morning Snack

After breakfast, the Bambi singer drinks a chicken breast shake (2). Baekhyun adds honey, strawberries, banana, and chicken chunks in his shake. This shake is rich in antioxidants and vitamins B1, D, and K, which are suitable for gut health and building muscle mass.

Baekhyun Lunch Meal Plan

Sogogi (nickname given to Baekhyun by his band members) intakes a regular lunch. His lunch menu consists of a grilled chicken with a bowl of rice and veggies.

Mid-Evening Snack

Before dinner, this South Korean singing sensation takes a banana or chicken breast shake as a snack.

Baekhyun Dinner Diet Plan

The Paper Cuts singer takes a simple dinner. Baekhyun eats grilled turkey with sauteed veggies and salad at night.

What is Exo Baekhyun’s favorite food?

Baby Baekhyun enjoys eating sweet potatoes, cheese crust pizzas, and cakes on cheat days (3). In addition, Baekhyun loves Chinese, Japanese, Korean and American cuisines.

The Bottom Line

That concludes the diet plan of Baekhyun. This K-pop icon eats simple and clean food to maintain his weight.

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