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The Diet Plan of Ana Cheri

Diet Plan of Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri is a sportswoman, hairstylist turned model, and personal fitness trainer of American nationality. In October 2015, Ana Cheri becomes popular after appearing in an American magazine named Playboy. She is very active on social media. Her Instagram currently has 12.5 million followers. Due to her attractive physique, she does endorsements for many brands such as K&N, Shredz supplements, and Monster energy drinks, etc.

Ana Cheri maintains fitness through her vigorous workout [1] and proper diet plan.

Diet Routine

Instead of taking breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Ana Cheri takes a small portion of food in six meals. Her diet includes high protein, medium carbohydrate, and medium fat content [2]. However, she eats sweet food such as fruits in a cheat meal.

“Proper food is the key to achieve your goals”

Breakfast Meal Plan

The writer of 3 health and fitness books take her breakfast in the early morning which includes

  • Oatmeal – Ana Cheri mixes a half cup of almond milk, oats, chopped apples in a bowl and she adds a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon in it to make her breakfast.

Lunch Meal Plan

Anna Cheri takes her lunch around the afternoon which consist of

  • Salad – Ana Cheri adds a half portion of spinach, avocado, tomatoes, carrot, mixed greens along with grilled chicken breast and olive oil in her salad [3].

Snack No.1

Ana Cheri snacks comprise of

  • Fruits – Cheri takes fruits with whey protein in the late afternoon.

Snack No.2

The owner of the activewear line named “want my look” takes another portion of snacks in the evening which consists of

  • Toast – Cheri takes a tablespoon of almond butter and then spreads it on a toast.

Dinner Meal Plan

Ana Cheri takes minimal dinner. Her meal plan includes

  • Steak – She eats 4 ounces of steak with a half cup of steamed broccoli and brown rice at night.

Snack No.3

Ana Cheri takes her last meal a couple of hours before sleeping. Her snacks consist of

  • Yogurt – She takes a cup of Greek yogurt with fruits at midnight.

The Bottom Line

That concludes Ana Cheri’s diet plan. Her diet routine contains healthy food and is easy to follow.

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