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The Diet Plan Of Aamir Khan (The Perfectionist Attribute)

Everyone knows about Aamir Khan. He is one of the leading Indian actors with his hard work, talent, and dedication he has ruled all over the world. One of the reasons Aamir Khan has received so many names for himself is because he has the ability to transform his weight according to his roles.

His body transformation has always been a reason for debate among his fans and Bollywood, whether it’s his spectacular chiseled body in Gajni or bulked up the body in Dangal and that’s the reason he is called Mr. Perfectionist.

If you are amongst those who feel that changes occur overnight, you are absolutely wrong. He has also confessed in a blog that a balanced diet along with a disciplined life leads to a healthy and desired physique.

Here are written some of the tips which would help you to achieve your desired goal:

Meal Plan

He follows a simple diet plan comprising of 1/3 protein, 1/3 carbohydrates, and 1/3 fats. His eating plan contains both vegetables as well as non-vegetables.


His breakfast includes white egg with tomato & sprinkled onions with a cup of green tea and fruits. To maintain energy, he eats apples or bananas before his workouts.  He prefers olive oils, vegetables, and fruits.


In snacks, he usually takes papaya and sandwiches made of brown bread.


In lunch, he always prefers chapatis, dal, and curd.


At dinner, he eats grilled chicken or 4 eggs to ensure a proper protein intake.

He consumes almost 3-4 liters of water per day to remain hydrated. In between his meals, he takes protein shakes or nuts especially before a workout to maintain high energy levels. [1]

Workout routine

Aamir khan follows a diverse exercise regime. It’s divided with each day targeting a particular muscle group, which helps him to exert out on developing a certain muscle completely.

Monday and Tuesday

 Monday is for chest exercises. He does shoulder exercises on Tuesdays.

Wednesday and Thursday

 Wednesday is dedicated to back exercises. He focuses on Biceps exercises on Thursdays.

Friday and Saturday

Friday is set for triceps exercises. Although they seem to be minor but play an important role to enhance the physique. Saturday is for leg exercises.


Also, he very well knows the importance of rest and gives his muscles repairing time on Sundays with massages and yoga sessions. [2]

The Bottom Line

“Balance” is the key in life and that’s what Mr. Perfectionist abides by, be in life or in the gym.

In an interview, he said that people underestimate the importance of a proper sleep schedule. During the shooting for his movie ‘Gajni”, he would take 8 hours of sleep. Also, remember one thing, consistency and perseverance is the ultimate key to achieve success in whatever you do.

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