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Teaching cooking to students with intellectual disabilities with meal delivery kits

Teaching cooking to students with intellectual disabilities with meal delivery kits

Students with special abilities require different and unique approaches to learning. 

Even though learning cooking skills is always fun and filled with joy; differently-abled students can be taught cooking skills with a unique approach as well

Meal delivery & meal kit services definitely offer convenience to all. And an additional use case of this would be to use them as an interesting approach to teaching cooking skills to intellectually differently-abled kids.

Lets see how and why we could use meal kits for teaching cooking skills to special students.

Types of instructions in the meal kits make the  cooking process easier:

Various meal kit delivery services offer different kinds or levels of instructions to choose from. Choosing the meals with “easy” level of instructions makes the meal a fun learning activity for intellectually disabled kids which they could easily comprehend and follow.

Not only that, various meal kit delivery services send their kits along with visual recipes which can serve as awesome learning material for the above-mentioned students.

Meal kits also solves the “social interaction” issue:

Meal prepping doesn’t just require cooking skills, but it also involves planning, procuring and executing meals; all of which somehow require social interactions upto some extent.

Many students with intellectual disablities find it really challenging to communicate & socially interact and somehow shopping grocery and other food items on their own. 

Meal kits and Meal kit delivery services offers a great solution here by entirely eliminating the need of going to the grocery store and purchasing food items for cooking. Hence less unwanted social interactions atleast for meal prepping.

Meal kits also have an answer for picky eaters

Since a majority of students with intellectual disablities are picky eaters upto certain extent. They could partially or entirely refuse to eat a meal if it’s not of their picking or liking. Various meal kit delivery services offers a solution for just this problem, and that is; any individual could choose a recipe of their own liking and are even given a choice to either add or totally remove a food item, spice or herb of their likings or dislikings. Hence allowing each individual to have their own customized meal.

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