Shift workers should also set regular timings for their meals for amazing health benefits. 

Eating meals within set hours of the day may be a good way for shift workers to feel better and stay healthier, say researchers.

Shift workers working patterns mess with their internal body's rhythms.

In one study, firefighters with 24 hours shifts were left amazed by quite a significant decrease in their "bad cholesterol" along with their blood pressure.

Many of us eat continuously all day long until we go to bed, that continuous eating is quite harmful to our health.

Since our body needs a rest period to allow our cells to fix and repair what's being damaged on daily basis.

The body also needs time to properly utilize and make use of the nutrients that have been extracted from the last meal, and for that body needs to focus entirely on that task.

And that focus can only be achieved if an individual isn't eating continuously all day long and only within a specific eating window each day.