Is Estrogen Dangerous For Your Health?

sex hormones imbalance

Are you going through irritability, mood swings, irregular menstrual periods, or maybe weight gain [….]

What Can You Do With Mandarin Orange Peels?

unpeeled, peeled oranges with scattered peels

It is rich in flavonoids and essential oils which serve to benefit the body in many ways. I was also surprised with how useful it is for certain […]

Indian Herbs and Spices for various Health Benefits

Indian Spices & Herbs

Spices are not only integral to develop the flavors of the food, but they are also an essential source of natural supplementation. Many of the spices possess health benefits and remedial properties. Ayurveda medicine utilizes several Indian spices and herbs to treat complex ailments. 1. Red Chili It is an essential ingredient of Indian cooking. … Read more

How Meat and Dairy Products Consumption Are Destroying Our Planet

two brown cows havinf blue sky in the background are looking towards in the camera

Introduction Every breath we take on this earth needs a healthy planet. Our planet requires the same care that it has given to us. Everything we eat or drink comes from this planet. So, we should maintain our planet the same way it has maintained us.  The secret that our planet is in danger is … Read more