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Lizzo’s Weight Loss Journey | Diet Secrets Of Lizzo’s 50 pounds Weight Loss

In December 2021, Lizzo came up with a revelation about herself on her Instagram, that she had completed a 10-day smoothie cleanse.

That’s exactly when the weight-loss success stories started pouring in.

The plus-size singer went so far as to post videos of herself drinking “beauty water.” She also displayed videos of vegan protein bars being consumed. She isn’t the first overweight celebrity to make the decision to lose weight.

Lizzo’s Breakfast and Lunch Meals

So, let’s talk about Lizzo’s weight-loss journey.

What route did she use to get there?

What objective did she set for herself and did she manage to successfully achieve it?

What does she eat throughout the day?

She claims to begin her day with a green breakfast smoothie made with coconut water, kale or spinach, and frozen fruit.

For lunch, she eats a colourful salad with broccoli, avocado, white beans, carrots, kale or other vegetables.

Breakfast and lunch are discussed. But what about her other meal?

Lizzo served leftover salad and quinoa with a truffle-chickpea-mushroom ball for her evening supper. She’s also discovered that she can drink and appreciate a vegan diet Coke.

What does Lizzo Eats for Dessert?

She also made a peanut butter jelly smoothie with frozen strawberries, oats, oat milk, and vanilla protein powder for dessert.

Hangover Meal Substitutes

Finding hangover meal substitutes is one of her most difficult tasks.

“I craved cheesy eggs before this, but I’ve found an alternative,” she says. What exactly is it, exactly? Lizzo makes a vegan breakfast scramble with the Just Egg replacement, adding beans, corn, spinach, and vegan cheese.

She also made a peanut butter jelly smoothie with frozen strawberries, oat milk, oats, and vanilla protein powder for dessert.

Vegan bacon, however, is the most important trick. She caramelises it in maple syrup, giving it a crispy, caramelised flavour. It’s not attractive, but it’ll help you get rid of a hangover or satisfy your bacon cravings.

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