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Lauren Drain’s Diet Plan

Born in Florida and raised in Kansas, U.S., Lauren Drain is a former nurse who works full time as a fitness model and personal trainer. She was a member of Westboro Baptist Church, but due to the traumatic experience described in her book, Banished (2013), the church then banished her.

As a social media personality, Lauren Drain motivates her followers to train by sharing fitness content on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. The lady maestro trains like a fitness freak and experiments with many diet plans such as paleo, strict diet, macro, and a combo of all three. However, she sticks to the diet plan proposed by her nutritionist.

How many meals are there in Lauren Drain’s diet plan?

American fitness icon takes 4 to 5 meals in a day. Her diet comprises 40% proteins and 30% carbs, and she consumes 1600 calories in her meals [1].

I mostly workout in a “beast mode”

Read more to find out about Lauren Drain’s diet routine.

Lauren Drain Breakfast Meal Plan

Female bodybuilder enjoys organic yet rich breakfast. Drain takes a bowl of oatmeal with grapes, strawberries, cashews, and almonds. In addition, egg whites are a must on her breakfast table.

Lauren Drain Lunch Meal Plan

Drain eats tuna with salad in her lunch. She complements her fish with capsicums, tomatoes, oranges, and olive oil.

Mid-Evening Snack

This fitness diva enjoys a snack before dinner. A banana with whey protein as a snack sounds perfect to her.

Lauren Drain Dinner Meal Plan

For dinner, Lauren Drain mostly eats grilled chicken breast with a bowl of brown rice [2].

Mid-Night Snack

Before going to sleep, Lauren Drain takes a quick snack that mainly includes a spoon of almond butter, a hand full of raisins, and cottage cheese. That’s all she eats in a day.

What is Lauren Drain’s favorite food?

Drain refrains from eating unhealthy food. Even her cheat meals are organic and healthy. Her favorite food includes such as cauliflower, sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and cooked broccoli.

“When passages are taken out of context and twisted, the result is a powerful, manipulative, and dangerous weapon indeed”

The Bottom Line

That concludes Lauren Drain’s diet plan. Her meals are simple, organic, and nutritious. Try her diet as her eating plans are worth giving a chance.

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